The Difficult Choice Of Being

To be or not to be?

Hamlet agonizes
over the ultimate question
as we play along
at home with him

Waiting for the
party gift revelation
we all hope to get
before the show ends

Of course
this famous
oft imitated query
is so open ended

Open to interpretation
by pseudo philosophers
and would be poets

For you see
to me
“To be or not to be”
is not about
suicide contemplation

Not a life or death choice
but instead
tis how we choose
to do our daily living
in this unscripted drama existence
we barely understand

So what role do we play today?


Daze Trip

Hi!! Ho!!

Hi!! Ho!!

Off to Sodom Town we go
to satisfy
our bodily cravings

Bring your roll of green

Pluck a flower obscene

Drop a nickel or dime

Ingest a victimless crime

Frequent the street corner
chemistry professor

Peddling pixie dust
smiles by the gram

Guaranteed flight

Pretty colors

Warm buzz

Sirens blare

Flashing lights

Hospital bound

Get repaired

Pump out the poison

A parting souvenir
from the Killer Klowns
of Sodom Town

kladiescope clowns

Mules and Unicorns

These glittery rainbows
we chase perpetually

All the tarnished yellow brick roads
on our one way journey into the ground

Junkie dreamers be we…

Unable to see
the light transparency

Never quite thinking things fully through

What would we ever do
if we ever caught
the fantasies we sought?

Dreamers dream do they not?

Though they can never
fully reside
in the real world
where harsh reality
chews up and spits out
badly mangled unicorns
and slices their colorful carcasses
into deliciously bitter steaks
to be sold on E-Bay for 90 cents a pound

unicorn dead

Time Check



Decades roll on
til they pile up
and bottleneck
as the clock chimes
yet again

Our relentless chorus

Counting us down

Always there
in the background
to remind us
with gentle dings

Whispering warnings
that time is fleeting

Time is forever there

Commanding us
oblivious passengers
to always make the most
of our chapters allotted…

Tick tock bitches


Motion Desensors

Did you know
our Earth spins
at 1,040 miles per hour?
(or 1,675 kilometers
if you be metrically inclined)

I googled this fact of course
since there be
no need to memorize
trivial shit like this
since Jedi Al Gore
invented the internet

So we’re all high speed spinners
gravitationally hanging on
for dear life on a blue ball
we never get to view
(except in pictures)
since from birth to death
we’re too close within the scene
inside this forest
to ever see the trees

Though we never feel
our rapid rotational existence
beneath our grounded feet
(thanks gravity)
we do know it to be so
cause the search engine says so
and it’s always
sunrise somewhere
(and a contrary sunset too)
on the flip side
of the spinning planet

That spin thing again!!!

The paradox never ends

The illusion visual deception
that the sun on which we so rely
is crawling across our sky
when in fact it be us
who are constantly
in motion
at 1,040 mph
for you see
you and me
are perpetually
flying objects
in the dark expanse of space

globe spinning

Respect Is…

Respect is…
the common denominator
and is the golden thread
that connects
all successful relationships

Respect is…
the epoxy that binds
and seals the love we feel
that cements
our common humanity

Respect is…
an essential element
and vital component
that paves the bridge
between long standing divides


Ode To Leverage

Life be an exercise
in applied geometry

Playing the proper angles
for the best point of entry

Fitting divergent pieces
to make our puzzle
into a sensible outcome
to match and someday exceed
our load bearing expectations

All the varied combinations
and creative leverage permutations
added to the positive possibilities
of our human equation
making us greater
than the sum
of our perceived limitations

carry load

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