Delusion in a Box

I like my box..

Love it you could say..

Though I use to not
relish the restrictions
those walls brought..

Cause I had been indoctrinated
by the whole freedom myth..

That “Birds need to fly” bullshit..

So one day I flew away..

Blew my peer pressured ass
right out of my cozy coop..

Crash landed..

Bad choices..

It happens..

So I traded in my frayed wings
for that retirement from everything thing

Now I do so love
my flimsy cardboard box
for the security it brings

Fake as it may be

For in this fleeting life
self delusion is the thing

Self Inflicted

Despite massive rationalizations
and desperate protestations
there can be little doubt
that time is running out..

When grading our terra stewardship
it will be the determination
of alien archeologists
that the species in charge really blew it..

Ruining one cool little planet
with their fatal arrogance
and unrelenting greed

Push For Release

Do not play the part
of outraged middle age 
when your offspring
does impractical things
that young adults tend to do…

They are transitioning through
and making crazy memories
that they will forget too
when lecturing their own kids someday..

Hypocrisy ain’t hard wired in our DNA..

It’s a just another nasty trait we pick up along the way

Fate Dictates

Parallel lines
will never intersect..

Dutifully they maintain their distance..

Buffer space pre determined
by the grand designer
of their origination..

An authoritarian author
who has decreed
these two shall never meet

Don’t Lose Your Head

A bystander to the carnage am I
from my position in the midst of it..

I popped my head out of the bunker to see
the mega violence all around me..

Carnage being a great spectator sport..

Just my bad luck..

A passing missile decapitated 
my exposed war voyeur head..

Now I am part of the bloody spectacle…

All because I forgot to duck

Grave Reality

Eventually the point is reached
where our walls of delusion get breached
by the irrefutable truth
that none of us
will exit this mess alive…

Life is a suicide mission…

Perhaps our legacies may survive
but never our all too mortal bodies..

Survival of the Quietest

Thoughts emanate from the male brain
and exit our mouths with great speed…

This is Basic Gender Communications 101
though this task often lacks the efficiency
to protect my team’s survival needs..

Proper word choice is always the challenging key ..

We gotta take heed
of insidious
potentially deadly
hidden meanings…

Remember that when we verbally joust
with the female of the species
we our badly outmanned…

Our every gesture..

Every shade of nuance
is always subject to interpretation…

At the mercy of her explosive perceptions
as our very words get twisted
to bludgeon us into submission ..

Even inflection has to be considered..

It’s not what you say, but how you say it..

With so many potential pitfalls
we need to accept the logical conclusion.
that we boys should learn to practice
verbal abstinence

Patch and Go

The Amazing Mr. Gimmick..

Quick fixer extraordinaire..

Has a knack
for slap together
work around solutions
not found in any manual..

Duct tape and string..

Patch it up quickly
and pray it holds..

Every functional day
is a victory of creativity
over conventionality

Clogged Vent

Condemned at birth was I…

Never fully cleansed
from that original sin
I played no part in…

Anger issues implanted…

Hard wired resentments…

Today I am way past warranty
but the madness still persists…

Who do I see about this??

Ticket to Oblivion

So preoccupied was I
with my latest shit
I missed the big pic
that my distracted ass
was currently riding
the wrong train
to the wrong place..

Since I am almost there
at the end of the line
it may be time for me
to get off somewhere
in the middle of nowhere..

I doubt my existence will be missed..

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