….and read all over

Zebra Zebra
we dig your stripes
of black and white…

A metaphor perpetually
of racial harmony
and spiritual coexistence
which long ago
drifted into the domain
of lazy cliche…

Zebra Zebra…

Stay clear of predators
and desperate philosophers

In the End

My innuendos once so crisp
gradually began to slip…

Becoming so worn
and outside social norms

I became an outcast…

Stripped of all sarcasm
by the very same forces
I use to mock and disparage
back when I was still relevant

Detour Road

Those calamities
we bring
on ourselves
are the hardest knots to untie…

We have to unravel
not only threaded consequence
but also the stubborn core
of tightly wound ego
we arrogantly applied
when we let our emotions decide
the course of future events…

Now we need find
the required humility
to break down our deficiencies
and extricate ourselves
from the morass we made…

Only then
once we have untangled
and the fix implemented
can we proceed
to get back
on the road to evolution

Seek and Find

I finally found happiness
when I stopped running away
and faced the liberating truth
that there is no escaping reality…

Had to drop the pointless denials
and desperate deflections…

This self confession
led to my acceptance
that our existence is but a maze
with only one mortal exit
that will find us all 
upon completion of the game

Once Upon A Good Time

Pretty pink princess
with her poofy puffy dress
blowing in the glittery breeze…

Side saddle riding
her snow whiter unicorn
through strawberry fields
somewhere over the rainbow…

Rides past judgmental eyes
with nary a care in the world…

Deep inside her fairy tale bubble
that will one day go pop
and land her crashed ass in rehab

Crash Dummy

Flying blind
as I am prone to do
when I get too cocky
about my invulnerability…

Post crash…

I curse the gods of inevitability
for not properly warning me
that extreme arrogance
begets negative consequence

On The Vine

We are all in stock
for a limited time only…

So don’t ignore
the opportunity to secure
this deal of a lifetime…

Sign up for happiness

Knot Today

We consume mass quantities
but never savor the flavor…

No time for reflection
inside our microwave lives…

Prisoners of fate…

We can no longer self regulate…

Our story gets revealed
at it’s own unstable pace…

Spinning threads
tangled in the knotted tapestry
of frayed human history…

Ode To Have Nots

My self esteem
(for what it’s worth)
will never be driven visually…

I don’t have the genes…

Nor the discipline…

Nor the resources…

Or even at this point
the inclination
to be conventionally
attractive physically…

My self esteem
(for what it’s worth)
is generated internally…

So deal with it bitches

Or not…

If you have not figured out by now
I am not here to appeal to you
or your snobby judgmental crew
of petty little gossip hounds

What a liberating feeling
not worrying about being appealing
to anyone but yourself…

Or not…


Old Truths

The human equation…

Scrawled on the wall
in a gibberish formula
only ghosts can comprehend…

Time has moved on…

As have the spirits of the past…

So we must commit today
to whitewash stale myths
long ago outmoded
and recycle our thought process
all over again
in order to make sense
of this perplexing paradigm

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