Say What?

The Bafflegabian
from the Republic of Bafflegab
speaks fluent Bafflegabeese..

Sort of a hybrid mix of Chinese
and archaic Mangleese..

No one understands
what the fuck he is saying
except the ancient Vulgarian
who is so angry at the Bafflegabian
he’s refuses to talk with him..

Given how pissed he usually is
maybe tis best we are lacking translation..

Then again,
maybe our misunderstood friend
is just frustrated

Pro Control

The Right to Life
comes with a steep price..

Kids born to single moms…

Many of them lacking in resources..

These right to life children
will soon enough
join the cycle of poverty
cause the prolife party
ain’t never been keen on programs
that give the poor a helping hand
to help them climb out of misery ..

They call this Socialism..

Government overreach..

Except where your uterus is concerned..

That belongs to them ..

The truth is they don’t give a damn
about the true sanctity of life..

Only power and control
like the medieval Lords of old

Peer Pressure Teardrops

Don’t trade in
your self respect
for a few fleeting moments
of perceived social coolness…

That affirming spot light
you so desperately seek
will blind your senses
and expose bad intentions…

In the end the consequence
just ain’t worth the polite applause
from the shallow trend setting crowd

Dreams of the Fool

In the kingdom
of Amazon women
where I daily toil
I am the lovable lump…

A once proud nobleman was I ..

Today a slapstick jester
summoned for comic relief
who amuses the Queen
and her cackling court
for the loose change
they drop in my cup

Behind this clown’s smile
is a sly serpent’s determination..

Waiting patiently
for the wheel of fate to turn
and for Karma to reverse
my current bitter situation..

Forth and Back

I love contrarians
poking holes in my opinions
forcing me to defend my positions
as I parry and thrust back at them..

This stirring mix of the thought process
percolates meaningful debate
which can actually create
innovative advancements
to all sides of the equation

Gender Blenders

Peeps stuck in the 20th Century
seem excessively obsessed
with gender assignment..

They DEMAND roles be defined narrowly..

Pronoun ID’s gotta roll binary..

You MUST be either a he or she
like it was for centuries
when those who did not fit
were socially ostracized
and condemned
by the hateful majority..

So what is a woman?

What is a man?

Not so obvious anymore..

There’s now a serious degree of fluidity
flowing through once rigid definitions..

Slowly eroding prejudiced conventions..

Fear not our social evolution..

Change does not mean the end of civilization…

Embrace the rainbow
of the human condition
and let people choose to be
whatever they need to be..

And if you can’t adapt to the new reality
learn to mind your own frickin business

Off Center

Loony birds of a feather
truly flock together..

Ruffling staid conventions
to the chagrin of the pack…

We’re all damaged goods
lingering on the clearance rack..

So next time you feel lonely
and out of step with normalcy
just remember
you are a solid member
of the odd ball majority..

Rolling slightly wobbly
but always uniquely

Seed Libations


That behavior clouding libation
lubricating the loins of history…

What percentage of the population
owes it’s very existence
to boozy fueled
inhibition reducing procreation?

Ever Aftering

Take your insipid distractions
wherever you kind find them..

Draw the curtains tight..

Blast the artificial light..

Get immersed in the fairy tale
with all the hokey symbolism
cynics will surely mock..

Their suffocating world of gray
polluted with jaded sarcasm
is a toxic waste land anyway…

Dreams don’t need heavy substance

or happiness draining validation

Temptation Situation

So here I am..

A hungry middle age man..

Before me a steaming bowl
of digestive temptation..

The time is 10 PM..

Past experience tells me
this snack would be
an all night gastric calamity
of sleep deprivation..

Common sense demands
I put down this damn utensil..

What a crock it is
being so predictably practical..


Let’s dine tonight with regret…

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