Down The Rabbit Hole

How bad can it be?


Interesting query…

Or are you waxing rhetorically?

Seeking variations of degree…


When pondering depths of misery

there is always a dungeon

deep beneath the basement

Sin Bin

The God we did invent

to track this sin concept

has become quite antiquated

and thoroughly irrelevant

in this age of mass discontent…

The chains of behavior control

have been loosened permanently…

All that remains

is the residue of guilt

from a bygone age

when peeps still gave a damn

about consequence

Cannibal Clubbing

Wanted to hook up with this chick so badly

I looked past her radical Antifa tendencies

So she took me to her favorite Deep State eatery

The Cannibal Club based in socialist L.A.
where all the best leftist celebs go to feast
on the succulent tender flesh of children

I always thought this was just a kooky QAnon myth
but there were the Clintons standing next to me
as we walked past the all you can eat Carnivore Buffet

At a corner table were the Obamas
dining on finger food munchies
as they chatted with the Spielbergs
who were busy sipping their blood lattes

My date order the Creamy Infant Bisque
which she proclaimed to be the house specialty

Seeking to avoid political confrontation
I told my dining companion I was a vegan

She called me out on my lie immediately
and screamed that I was a closet MAGA fascist
whose interest in her was purely prurient

The mood in the boisterous bistro grew tense

The Cancel Maitre d came over to denounce my existence

Banishment from this horrible establishment was decreed
for this was no place for such a fussy citizen like me

I wish this doomed relationship
with the sexy communist
had a happy ending
but at least I got a taste
of how the depraved half lives

More Than Worthy

Unacceptable return on investment

was the label I once wore

back when I was not such a hot commodity…

This brutally universal assessment

was the genesis of my depression

that extended deep into this century

til I finally came to realize

the folly of letting others devalue me

Confessions Of A Frustrated Puppet

Deep down we all knew
truth on social media was skewed

Our click algorithms fed the slant

Dividing us into warring camps

Each side with their own versions of truth

Advocate text soldiers fighting battles fervently

Harsh debates raging on perpetual loop

Friendships became collateral casualties

Deflecting attention from our true enemy

Yanking our chains strung from shadow clouds

Life Redefined

Today’s fluid ambiguities

are wrecking prior reliable metrics

to such an extent

that no one knows where we’re at

For us to get back knowledge

we gotta lose these pointless measurements

Recalibrate standard definitions

and reboot the glossary

Bitches and Brats

Why in these days of mass discontent
I find myself constantly invoking
the “Two wrongs don’t make a right” argument?

One would think by now this would be obvious
but uncivil discourse has become so childish
with all this tit for tat bullshit

Frustrated zealots now two sides
of the same tarnished coin

Instead of engaging contrarian views
in spirited, constructive debate
partisans instead hurl fire bomb invectives
which only serve to create
a culture of “us versus them” politics

This lack of civility is very depressing

For we as a society truly are regressing
when we should be stepping up
to collectively meet the challenges
of these trying times

Out Of My Depth

Don’t mess with my depth perception

It’s hard enough for me to see
where you are going to be
if you take away my scale

Are you coming
or going?

There’s just now way of knowing

Truth is so multi dimensional
and I’m too damn superficial
to visualize properly
this distorted reality

Censor Tripping Bitching

Perpetually pissy minded purveyors of erasure

Wrecking the current conversation with censorship

Slathering on their suffocating versions
of what passes for art in their narrow minds

Tis a power tripping orgy of dangerous bullshit

Today their suppressions are but a mere annoyance
but beware the path of slotted thought
as the cancel culture drags our asses down
into the tyranny of one size fits all perception

No Means NO

I finally nailed little Miss Tease last night

Took a lot of alcohol to spread those legs

She protested meekly through her drunken haze
but I know deep down she wanted it
despite her lame hard to get protestations

Just another of her coy flirtations
I had to power through

This morning she said
I raped her fine body

While studly me contends
the hook up was consensual

I ain’t worried

The slut has no case

She would get roasted before a jury
given her sleazy whoring past

and yet….

Her tears do seem very real

Perhaps I did move too fast

I wish I could take being such a dick back
but I gotta play out his harsh denial rap
lest my rape culture ass goes to jail

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