Spinning Wheels

My equilibrium
has been skewing off center
for longer than I can remember…

This internal deformity
really use to bother me…

Not easy being dizzy perpetually
but I reconciled my misalignment
with a tilted world so out of balance
my vertigo became permanently part
of the community spin

The Good Fight

We came to fight injustice…

Armed only with righteous indignation
and our morally pure intentions
into the breach we charged
but the scope of enemy prejudices
were far too pervasive
to be easily contained or restrained…

So we had to recalibrate our mission
and limit our battle to local hatreds
that fell within the narrow confines
of our leveraged sphere of influence

All The World

Everything you view
on display today
is part of the act…

So you gotta realize
what you see
may or not be
what you get…

Tis all a staged event…

A daily tour de force
for the comforting benefit
of historical conformity…

Belief in today’s version of reality
is totally optional of course

Nuclear Cherry Bombs

Peeps really need to learn
how to properly debate
with rational discretion…

When I drop a comparative simile
please don’t take the connection literally…

Treating the two subjects equally
in relative severity…

For example…

“Cancel Culture is like Nazi speech suppression”
does not mean these beasts are one and the same

They just share a common trait…

Though in differing degrees…

So you can lose the false equivalency…

Wrecked By Text

I do miss nuance…

Gone are telling inflections…

The majesty of subtlety
has become a collateral casualty
of our text obsessed society…

For there no longer exists
lines to read between
on this passive flat screen
that sucks out all emotions
from human conversations

Time Clocking

From it’s perch high
on the edge of eternity
Time watches over
Circus Humanity
as the Calendar of Forever
regulates the great clock in the sky
tracking the morsels of minutes
duly allocated to we Earthly inhabitants…

So it rolls for you and I
riding our personal timelines
now forever intertwined…

How thankful am I
for that glorious day
you joined this world
and were put on the clock…

Cause now we’re perfectly aligned…

Delightfully synchronized…


A rhythmic song in two part harmony…

A mutually reliant melody…

One empty without the other…

Am I the tick or the tock?

I forgot…

The Search For Muteness

I remain
hopelessly deranged…

Thoughts scream unrestrained…

A madness symphony
with multiple conductors
tripping from different pages
on collapsing stages…

Sleep offers zero relief
from this damn cacophony…

There really seems to be
no internal volume control for me…

Maybe I’ll grow deaf
to this insanity some day…


Out of Rehab

I love my addictions
like feral wild children
whom I have adopted…

As I watched them grow
they became a part of me…

Overwhelming my identity…

Smothering self esteem…

So survival instincts decreed
I had to let my loves go…

One by one they moved on
til all that’s left behind
are wisps of memory…

One part dream

Two parts nightmare

Rage Junkies

Peeps be so easily outraged these days…

Seems almost like they wanna be…

Poking through news of the day
for form fitting anger nuggets
to post on social media sites…

Where they bond with other rage junkies…
in an orgy of explosive text invectives
directed at a common enemy
who in turn will counter rant

An endless cycle of negativity

One would think
it would be played out by now

Spilt Words

This poem
was misappropriated
from an impulse of thought
that had zero business
ever being transcribed
and posted …

Now that the shit
is out of the toilet
I am powerless to control it…

Wish this damn delete button
that failed to get initiated
wasn’t so hopelessly defective

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