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Wall Creatures


Let’s have MY people

meet YOUR people

at the designated place

Where OUR people
will interface
and formulate a plan
against THEM
who have no people

We gotta stick together
and unite ourselves

Put aside our differences

Because if we don’t

those we fear

will succeed in
becoming part
of us 

and the purity
of our exclusivity
will be forever


Newton Knew


Without gravity
to keep us in place
we’d all float away
into the vast expanse
of space

Yet another
of the immense
galaxy of things
we take for granted

We should all
take a moment
from our ingratitude
and thank gravity for
keeping us

The force is always
with oblivious us

Uncivil Disunity


Uncivil Disunity

The staunch defenders of matrimony

Standing arm in arm at the sacred wall

Holding back the tide of history

The forces of gaydom moving in

Queers trying to crash the party

That’s been going on for centuries

And there lies the proverbial rub,

Since this institution has survived all stupidities

Marriage really does not need to be saved

From any imaginary assaults

By people of a different persuasion

Who only seek the same rights we enjoy

So here we are dealing with prejudice again

Hatred wearing the face of moral indignation

Stupidity never seems to go out of style

So long as ignorance exists to fuel it

Another guise that’s gone on for centuries

Stupidity never seems to go out of style 

Pleased To Meet You


Welcome to Hell

Before we begin
our orientation

please allow me
to clarify your situation

Some of you may feel
you’ve gotten a raw deal

All a tragic misunderstanding


trust me

Your current
infernal position
has been well earned

The sins
over a lifetime
of misdeeds galore
must be paid for

I am your Daddy

Your soul warden

So settle in
my forlorn children

We own your
sorry asses
for all eternity

Fizzle Stick


The air in the club is volcanic 
As Dynamo Man powers on

He always brings the voltage, 
Magnetic attraction flows strong

All the babes clad in silver lamay 
Are turned on by his electric aura

Like molten moths to a turbo flame,
They crave his super hero persona

While all the flawed mortal men
Sulk in the shadows and glower

Biding their time until the plug gets pulled
On the sparkler man with no staying power  

Through The Wormhole



In my current non connectivity 

static state of locked out panic


I scroll through the thickets

Click on a link 

that looks promising




I am flung to a dark place

where my ignorance haunts me

Taunted by the cyber scrolls

of software coding nerds


Using terms of control

in that mystical language

of the 21st Century Nouveau riche


So here I am

way off the grid

I have never been so confused


I have never been so lost 

Gonna turn off

all my devices

Get back my life

Totally unplugged


Internal Warfare


Internal Warfare

If you want to know the real me

Beneath all my layers of  bull shit

Bring lots of corrosive material

To penetrate this façade I wear

For once you go deep inside

At my core you will find

A swirling sea of negativity

Harboring a pessimistic nature        

All these bitter qualities I despise

And struggle so hard to suppress

Because that is not the guy I want to be

So I battle with myself to emit positivity

Even though I don’t in any way believe

This fake image I project to the world

Though I do keep hope alive in my heart

For a cease fire to end this war within me   

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