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Theme Park U.S.A.


The line goes on to infinity,
Wrapped all away around the world

Anticipation stirring everywhere
Flags from every nation unfurled

They assemble here to be entertained
And to make their donations

To the tourist trap we have become,
A honky tonk side show nation

amusement park



Drum Banger Beat


Drum Banger Beat  

Little Miss Boom Boom,     
The belle of the ball

A party machine,
She’s always on call

Please do not judge her,
Or call her bad names

Living life on her own terms,
We should all do the same   



Semi Committed


Semi Committed

Sometimes I try too hard
To say the perfect thing

Sometimes I think too much,
Try to pull my own strings

Sometimes I bore myself,    
For I know me all too well

Sometimes I am not real,
There’s just no way to tell     

Timed Out


Timed Out 

I had a deep thought
That was quite profound

But now it escapes me
Like a rocket gone down

Looked in my pockets
For inspiration misplaced      

All I found was loose lint
And a moment erased

Currents of Currency


abandoned factory


Currents of Currency 

Gray skies
wrapped around
Factory City

Weeds breed unrestrained

blasting through
the cracks of time 

Beauty long ago drained
from our forgotten garden

Strategically abandoned

when the money migrated
to more cost efficient climes 

Generations of worker bees
collateral damage fall out

Down trodden victims

of the economic draught

Blue collar refugees
from the outsourcing calamity
of the late 20th Century

Today the modern scourge 
of the white collar class

as the money flows
to the sweat shop
cyber linked jobs
of the third world

The leveling effect
of capitalistic greed

Where the haves 
are rapidly becoming 
the have nots

while the bottom rung masses
finally move up
and get their shot

The total global
redistribution of income

Not the class revolution
Marx envisioned

but the financial evolution
of capital history

One group’s untimely demise
is another’s prosperity

So these nasty weeds
we are currently choking on

on the flip side

are blossoming flowers 
in lands formerly barren 

Collision Assurance


Collision Assurance

The raging river 
Surges into the sea

Salt and fresh water clash
A churning calamity 

Night and day
The battle for supremacy

Desperate struggle
Demanding victory

This timeless conflict
As constant as the tides

Will settle down eventually
And the tempest will subside



Implosion Us


Implosion Us

After we drove our enemy
into the sea

After all the pilfering
and plundering

Our victory was complete
as we peed on the
ashes of their leveled cities

Generations of strife
fueled by hate

Spent on a war
we never dreamt would end

Now was the time
to make the peace

but no one knew how

it had been so long

If we turned off the war machine
what would become of our economy?

What would our warriors do
without jobs and a cause to die for?

So our glorious military
took control of our diplomacy

Politicians who objected were shot
Internal dissent was crushed

War was declared
on all enemies of the state

be they real or imagined

Those we deemed impure
were made to disappear

Our new culture of fear
had redirected the war inward

Against an enemy
that use to be part of us

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