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Theme Park U.S.A.


The line goes on to infinity,
Wrapped all away around the world

Anticipation stirring everywhere
Flags from every nation unfurled

They assemble here to be entertained
And to make their donations

To the tourist trap we have become,
A honky tonk side show nation

amusement park



Drum Banger Beat


Drum Banger Beat  

Little Miss Boom Boom,     
The belle of the ball

A party machine,
She’s always on call

Please do not judge her,
Or call her bad names

Living life on her own terms,
We should all do the same   



Semi Committed


Semi Committed

Sometimes I try too hard
To say the perfect thing

Sometimes I think too much,
Try to pull my own strings

Sometimes I bore myself,    
For I know me all too well

Sometimes I am not real,
There’s just no way to tell     

Timed Out


Timed Out 

I had a deep thought
That was quite profound

But now it escapes me
Like a rocket gone down

Looked in my pockets
For inspiration misplaced      

All I found was loose lint
And a moment erased

Collision Assurance


Collision Assurance

The raging river 
Surges into the sea

Salt and fresh water clash
A churning calamity 

Night and day
The battle for supremacy

Desperate struggle
Demanding victory

This timeless conflict
As constant as the tides

Will settle down eventually
And the tempest will subside



Heart Labor


heart break


Heart Labor


In the space between
passion’s inferno
and comfortable familiarity

I lost her

Or at least misplaced 
my life mate

Absence happens

Love is never
a constant stream

It has it’s
ebbs and flow

Love even runs dry at times

but you know
it’s ALWAYS there

Probably? Maybe? 

In theory??

Somewhere beneath
layers of neglect

Time dilutes us all

causing lovers to forget

what brought them together

and the effort required

to maintain theoretical

forever love

Ride the Relations Ship




In the course

of  human interactions
nerves will be frayed

Conflict rips
at the fabric of civility

We fire off bombs
that should not be launched

Pride trips us up

Harsh words locked in

No chance of retraction

So how to minimize the friction?

Begin by accepting our differences

Respect the contrary position

and try a little tolerance

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