Implosion Us


Implosion Us

After we drove our enemy
into the sea

After all the pilfering
and plundering

Our victory was complete
as we peed on the
ashes of their leveled cities

Generations of strife
fueled by hate

Spent on a war
we never dreamt would end

Now was the time
to make the peace

but no one knew how

it had been so long

If we turned off the war machine
what would become of our economy?

What would our warriors do
without jobs and a cause to die for?

So our glorious military
took control of our diplomacy

Politicians who objected were shot
Internal dissent was crushed

War was declared
on all enemies of the state

be they real or imagined

Those we deemed impure
were made to disappear

Our new culture of fear
had redirected the war inward

Against an enemy
that use to be part of us


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

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