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Heart Labor


heart break


Heart Labor


In the space between
passion’s inferno
and comfortable familiarity

I lost her

Or at least misplaced 
my life mate

Absence happens

Love is never
a constant stream

It has it’s
ebbs and flow

Love even runs dry at times

but you know
it’s ALWAYS there

Probably? Maybe? 

In theory??

Somewhere beneath
layers of neglect

Time dilutes us all

causing lovers to forget

what brought them together

and the effort required

to maintain theoretical

forever love


Ride the Relations Ship




In the course

of  human interactions
nerves will be frayed

Conflict rips
at the fabric of civility

We fire off bombs
that should not be launched

Pride trips us up

Harsh words locked in

No chance of retraction

So how to minimize the friction?

Begin by accepting our differences

Respect the contrary position

and try a little tolerance

Dead Spin


Dead Spin 

The proud warrior once great
Lies weakened on his death bed

Friends and family gather round
And speculate when he’ll be dead

It’s not that they want to rush him
Just that there are arrangements to plan

He had wanted to leave this life on his shield,
But instead will depart on his bed pan

Dealing From The Bottom


I meet the anti Christ

in a dream state

or maybe

tis just a premonition

So hard to tell these days


the devil in my head

asks me if I wanted

to play for his team

since I have quite

the impressive sin resume 

his words 

not mine

I take no pride in my debauchery

Terms of the infernal contract

are laid out

My eternal soul

for a case of beer

Back and forth we negotiate

I propose a bag of corn chips

(cause they go heavenly with brew)

Louie reminds me of my

low salt diet restrictions

and counters with

a personalized brass mug

Now I’ve always struggled

with temptation

I am the master of the

absolution rationalization

but this time I decline

the deal of a lifetime

Going to hold out

for the angels

of my better nature

to make me

a counter offer

and bargain for my salvation


Mad Mannered Man


Mad Mannered Man

Mr. Angry Pants 
Hates everyone

Constantly agitated
Forever on edge

Takes all kinds of pills
To level himself off

Looking for answers
He will never find

Because you can’t think clearly
When you’re always pissed off

And you can’t be happy
When you hate everyone

Tragic Magic


Tragic Magic

Down we tumble

through the
false bottom
trap door

we forgot
was there  

Thought we were
a magic show

until we realized

that the illusions 

we relied on

were easily exposed
to those 
paying attention

Our hidden wires

we believed concealed

were revealed
for all to see

Then the mirror shattered

and while we were
picking up the pieces

the damn rabbit ran off
with our hat!!

Creation Uplift


Creation Uplift   

Going to construction,
Building things up        

A thought, a vision,
A relationship     

Need the right tools
Need to pre plan

A dash of inspiration

A touch of stimulation

Some sort of  blue print
To complete the erection        
Sure the process is hard,
But it’s well worth the effort   
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