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Information Blender

Welcome to Catastrophe

Our chaotic little state

Stuck in lock down mode again,

Uncertainty awaits

Fear is the currency of the day

The news we receive is slanted

Have to rely on ourselves now,

Take nothing for granted

Not always an easy thing to do

When confidence has been shattered

And good info is at a premium

Lost in our culture of clueless chatter





The Experiment


The mad sociologist
is at it again

Conducts social experiment

Picks ten strangers
from the text generation

Random cross section

Locks them together in a room

Takes away all hand held devices

No televisions too

Forcing them to interact socially
like real people use to do

Two silent days later…

to ignite a conversation

a book of assorted poetry

is introduced

At first they resist

Reading off pulp
is like so 20th Century!

but eventually
the monotony is too much

and they dive into
the literary world

and heated debates ensue
over concepts subject
to interpretation

Live human interaction

still possible

in a laboratory environment

Can it be replicated
by choice
in real life ?


Show Time

The crowd settles in

For tonight’s big event

Prior to going on stage

The performer pauses

Soaks up the scene

Files it to memory

All the hard work

Has led to this moment

When the life long fantasy

Becomes current reality

The curtain opens wide,

The star steps into the light

Absorbed by the adoration

Of the assembled fame addicts

Full glory to success stories that shine

The star power we can all plug into



$$$$ Ladies Night $$$$$

Fast cars, faster women

Loose cash, looser women

Friday night under the lights

As the boys rev things up

An evening of endless possibilities

Awaits the players on both sides

Boy meets girl, boy gets girls

If he plays his credit cards right       

An investment opportunity

For a booty full night 



The Corrupt Family


Once a maligned cult

Labeled by the main stream
keepers of the faith
as the lunatic fringe

Of course this missive

brought down the hammer 
of self righteous persecution

as only religious bigotry can do

Blood was spilled

on the martyr assembly line

Cranking out the saints
who would one day have
their names
attached to lofty cathedrals

Where robed hypocrites
preached the gospel
of intolerance against those
who sing from a different
hymn book

and so it goes…

All the saints and sinners

now congregate in the same place

With stained glass eyes

behind dark glasses

that conceal their lies

and unyielding hate 

Gens Perversa


Confessional Crock



I use to counsel people
cause I’m gifted that way

Breaking down
and solving
problems my specialty

With my pint size

sound bite

slices of philosophy


I would say

in my know it all way

You ALWAYS have options

Which leads to choices

and control of your destiny

Mastery of your fate

It all sounds so great

And now …..

a word from reality

a hard blast of clarity

Shit happens

We don’t control the flow

“So how do we react?”,  you ask

How the Hell should I know!

I’m not even the director

of my own horror show

Nothing more than a bit player

ad libbing my way through

this maze of uncertainty

Yet another

sleight of hand

bullshit artist

bluffing bad cards

Dearly Departed




A sunny Spring day,

Perfect in every way


A day just like many years before,

When we were young and off to war


Marching in a glorious parade,

Soaking up patriotic accolades


Old men spoke impassioned words,

For a noble cause now blurred


Lost somewhere in the fog of recollection

The war took us in a different direction


To an inferno where our demons convened

Scarred battlefields strewn with mangled dreams


Tourists today visit the manicured site

Trying to get their photo ops right


Right next to the souvenir shop stands a plaque

Recounting a litany of casualty facts


Most don’t even bother reading the sign

Now just big numbers diminished by time,


But to us forgotten ghosts who didn’t come back

Our sacrifice is more than a mere statistical fact


Not that we require any bronze statues

Dieing was never what we intended to do


Heroes we became quite accidently

Fighting forever battles throughout eternity


We are the faceless casualties of war

Still trying to figure out what we died for

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