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Retread Dump

We classify them as bums

Because they have no jobs

We call them vagrants

Because they have no homes

We label them drains on society

Because they fell through the safety net

We scapegoat them in our politics

Because they have no means to answer back

We wonder how they got this way

Because there are more of them every day

We see right through their existence

Because they make us uneasy

We know deep down they could be us

Because we are all disposable



Cease and Resist

You see that gorgeous girl over there?

The one with the starlight in her hair

Me thinks she’s giving me the eye

Her body language surely implies

That I am the object of her desire

The spark to ignite her yearning fire

OK, so maybe this view is all in my head

Guess I should focus on reality instead

This kind of fantasy thinking a waste

Since I am no longer part of the chase

But if I was, I do believe in time

That gorgeous girl over there would be mine

lucyin the sky with diamonds

The Hole Truth


Like a joke

seeking a punch line

The truth

which eludes

Lies buried

in the grave reality
of our lurking mortality

The legacy of us all

carried on

by those we

leave behind

Those who try to deny

our finite time line

are in for a shock

when the bell finally

tolls for them



Micro Us

Instant Man

Speed warrior extraordinaire

Can’t waste precious time
baking bread in the oven
Microwaves it instead
Needs that instant gratification
Time is money
Time is fleeting
Push a button
Flip the screen
Beep!! Beep !! Beep !!
Multi Task
Get it done
half ass
but on TIME
Living on the run
Time is the enemy

Tick Tock efficiency

Manage the clock

Instant Man nukes his bread

Tis what he does

Tis what we do
30 seconds all it takes
Dough blows up in his face
Scrape it off
Clean it up

Keep moving

Beat the clock

Tick Tock



Birds On A High Tension Wire

In this pussy and mouse game are we

getting harder and harder for me

She casts a sly smile in my direction

playing the flirt part to perfection

I am the moth to her flame

Urges I struggle to contain

Body language teasing time

Putting out subtle signs

Pouting lips, stroking hair

Coy adjustments to her underwear

I soak up her visual seeds

providing the attention she needs

For I am as guilty as she,

Sharing imaginary infidelity

Secret passions on display

Tensions just won’t go away

Until physically separated by fate

then all these yearnings will deflate

Nothing adventured, nothing lost

here at the moral line we would not cross



Thought Police

Wardrobe malfunction!!!

we just got flashed a nip(gasp!)

Flat screens are steaming!!

Dirty little boys


wet dreaming!!

Did that hairy degenerate

just drop an F Bomb?

Bleep his murky mouth!!

Seven second delay

his gosh darn profanity !!!

Blood and gore

always may pass

It’s taboo body zones

that make us aghast

Slapping fig leaves

over offensive body parts

Censorship too is an art
Gotta protect

innocent kiddies

from seductive

video vice

We need to

bubble wrap them

all 1950’s

black and white antiseptic
Enter the Thought Police

Our moral wall of shame

Swatting down themes

they deem obscene

Cultural guardians
Forever offended
Playing gotcha games

like good little vigilantes do

Wouldn’t it be lovely
if just for once

their moral indignation

could be aimed

at the true obscenity

of injustice?







Gravity Boots

I gravitate to you

Like a lonely satellite

drawn to your

celestial body


My constant

source of attraction

Major magnetic distraction

Round and round we fly

Orbits degrade

diminishing themselves


The tug of time

grinding away

Our relationship

destined to crash

Cosmic collisions

Star dust demolition

Gravity triumphs


cosmic collision

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