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Father Out

Daddy dear
never here

road trip

in absentia

just a voice
on the line

novelty fades
over time

tossed aside

we grew up

moved away

home now

gonna bury
him today 

with all
his lost




Disco Tracks

Once upon a time

back in the
70’s to be precise

Party girls all glittery
feeling liberated sexually

gave it up so easily

to the boys
dressed fruity

struggling with
masculine ambiguity
the coke flowed freely
to the disco beat soundtrack

Party nation

regaling the night 
with self gratification

The age of excess
would run it’s course 

and give birth

to the
Me Generation

Vector background with people, disco-ball and glitters

Paper Mache Sword Play


They say

in their infinite wisdom
of convenient cliches
Love conquers all

Can love beat disease?

Make cancer cells dissolve
with a heartfelt hug?

How about cruelty?

Or crushing infidelity?

Does love possess
super hero qualities?

I wish it did

What a better
world this would be
As often
seems to be the case

The truth does
not cooperate
with our dreams

For you see

Love is
a delicate flower

A beautiful
cotton candy treat


the mythical power
poetic dreamers
wish it to becotton candy clouds


Negative Fidelity

Negative Fidelity

She’s in my heart
she’s of my soul
she’s in my loins
she’s of my  dreams

always in
my line of sight

her body I desire
those lips I crave

flip of her hair
twirled seductively
nervous laugh
I know she wants me 

she’s always on my mind
always in my dreams

steamy sensuality
real life fantasy 

she’s all I need
all I ever want

if only

we weren’t
so damn

to different

if only

we weren’t
so damn



Star Envy

Here in the land of the free

liberty, democracy, equality

The spotlight shines
on the cultural elite

Blessed be the wealthy
for they
have inherited the Earth

All doors open
for the famous few

Fawned over by their
sycophant minions

Fighting over themselves
to hear

what their idols have to say

what they wear

what shampoo applied
to their shiny hair

and yet

tis not their fault

our inflated celebrities

and their glitter cult
of hypocrisy 

All playing their parts
in the side show of life

The cycle of hype

serves to distract 

from our
desperately ordinary lives


Cyber Sucklings


Slave to tech
always checks
lower right corner
of life line screen
to verify time 

Every day
wears a number
cause the machine
says so

We wear labels too

Stored on micro chips

that dance on the head of a pin

Data base self perceptions

Quantify our trends analytically 

Our preferences grouped

with other like thinking blips

So the great machine

can tell us what we need

and feed our cyber dependency 

windows time

Liquid Erosion

drip…drip ..drip…





in it’s content

It never ever

changes the beat


It’s not insanity

I fear anymore

It’s the apathy

The monotony

suffocating the soul

Smothering hope

with relentless efficiency

Chemical vacation trips

once my sanctuary

now my prison

Time has eroded

those walls too

In the end

death is the only way

to conquer apathy



Go Dog Go Café

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Heartstring Eulogies

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Siren Whispers

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