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Play Ground Time

Party crew
out and about
doing the club scene

The high flying vanguard
of the elite glitterocracy

prancing about

with their loose morality
and flashy ways

their Budweisers
while they may

Cause they know
sparkle loses
it’s luster
over time

Better accumulate
memories today

before last call

blasts them all

back to monotony



Liberty Me

Morality police

Leave me be!

Please don’t presume
to smother me
under your pious hypocrisy

Don’t deny me
my pleasures unbound

Your protective shield
is not required

Tis my life

My soul

Not yours

Maybe I’ll have
to pay for my sins
at checkout time

but not today

and certainly

not to you


View Points

When you adjust
your angle of vision
to rearrange your view

Perceptions change

Sight lines rearranged

A whole new world
of endless possibilities
opens up to you

So apply
a little geometry
to the scenery

a new equation

and see
where these
answers lead

dead poets

The Determinator

The man with the gun
pointed squarely at your head
wins all arguments

speak softly carry a big stick

Carpe Diem !!!

Summer time heat

Young girls dressed
like a warm breeze

Shapely skin review
on parade

A visual feast
for us males
of the species

and this is where
get sort of creepy
inside my gray head

for here I am

in the Autumn of my life

just can’t deny my
internally lusting

at girls young enough
to be my daughter

So awkward

being middle age

Summer yields
to the inevitable

Sun now flies
low on the

Late Autumn wind
blows cold
as the days
lose their luster

The cycle of the seasons
keeping score

we all know
what Nature
has in store

we know
our time
is waning

we know
the season
of death

and we know

the celebration
of next Spring

we will be


grave snowy beauty


High in the irreverent sky

a flock of inebriated loons
flying out of formation

It’s just one of those nights
beneath neon star light

Inhibitions are suspended

Consequences revoked

So many rules to disobey

Free styling all the way

Under the daiquiri moon

birds fly at night


Sticky Reality

Divinity can be found

in a spider
spinning it’s silky web

Hell can be found

in a fly’s
death struggle
to escape
this same cathedral

is in the eyes
of the beholder

Truth custom fit
to the perceptions
we wear

Even when

they hurt

spider web

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