Pesticide Genocide

I squished an ant
that had the audacity
to crawl across my floor

My son
asked me why
I squashed a bug
that had done no offense
except cross my path
in a place
it knew not
was culturally inappropriate

His query took me aback
because I had never
properly analyzed
an action
I had mindlessly performed
a million times before

Was I power tripping
as if
I was a vengeful God
terminating a life
I deemed inferior?

Guess I could
always fall back
on the ten commandments
Judeo Christian tradition
that the mini sinner
had broken into my home
to steal my crumbs

Truth is

I cold bloodily murdered
my victim
for no other reason
than this was how I
was brainwashed
from early childhood
that we
as the dominant
species have the right
to dominate
and even
exterminate those
we feel
are beneath us

Then I realized

After humanity
in the name
of religion
politics or
trendy hate device
finally squashes
and squishes
itself off the globe

the bugs

who for now
scurry beneath our feet
will survive our
self carnage

will inherit the Earth

and have
the last laugh
on their


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

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