Step Into The Darkness

The village elders are assembled

at the cemetery outside of town

Stale refreshments are served
on this once hallowed ground

of the gun toting hosts of this dance

The Progress Squad

Who are charged with the task
to force the vanquished to face the facts
about a transition opportunity

A once in a lifetime chance
to exit this weary existence
with a shred of dignity intact

Fake negotiations have been tried 

Coercive means will now be applied

Even staler pronouncements are made
by the revolutionary captain

Informing the chained prisoners

That they are no longer part of the plan

They are the scapegoats of yesterday

Charred wreckage to be cleared

Arrangements have been made

Just sign on the bloody line

Shovels and coffins will be supplied

To bury the obsolete generation

as if they were never here  


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

One response to “Step Into The Darkness”

  1. kendraballesteros says :

    Very powerful piece. Excellent!!


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