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Shadow Refugee

Here in the shadows

I persistently exist
on the periphery
of decent society

in the anonymity
that darkness brings

side stepping
my incriminating

Here in the shadows

Been hiding out

for so very long

I’ve forgotten myself



The War Is Always The Thing

Only the names change
but history plays
on perpetual loop

Playing out
before our eyes

The formula
for modern war:


Terror groups well financed
sprout like weeds

Infecting our fun house internet
by calling us bad names
and trolling God in our face
like we did to them in the Crusades

Wreaking havoc
with our pals

the human rights
challenged sheiks
who feed us
our fossil fuel fix

We are afraid !!

when influenced
and manipulated

we fearfully
line up
and scream
for war


War is never cheap
in our capitalist
military industrialist
complex economy

we’ve got plenty
of companies who windfall profit
from Homeland Insecurity

Taxpayers got deep pockets
when it comes
to not getting
our boys decapitated
by masked fiends

Pom pom politicians
macho talk
and stop fighting
with each other
to unite
in a flag waving orgy
to preserve our way of life
by killing
the universally reviled bad guys

and away we go

the money flows

to a war they say may NEVER end

since their is no enemy flag to capture

no capital city to liberate

Not even an ideology
to defeat
like the Cold War


A steady flow of income
for the rest of the century
to the merchants of instability

Those war profiteers
who behind the scenes
have pulled the strings
throughout human history

All they need is a boogie man

A simple embodiment of evil
the media can fixate on

Bin Laden

Cartoon villains
straight out
of central casting

Create demand

Provide supply

Manufacture them both

Corner the market

Soak up the blood money
from the comfort
and safety
of their palatial estates

Human history on a loop

Only the names change

war profits

Social Tremors

Cannibal crawl
on the
crumbling boulevard

of street creatures
like neon parasites
on a binge

Shadowy residents
of soul less
asphalt canyons

Never exposed
to sunlight

these vampires
of city nights
viciously prey
on each other

Suburban squires
the feeding frenzy
on their 60 inch flat screens

as they reinforce
their security moats
and pray the underworld
stays beneath their feet

those with nothing
but shared desperation

may organize
and channel
their frustrations
into a break out force

To forever end
divide and suppress


To Do or Not to Do

If we are to be defined
by the choices we make

then we must
also be assigned
by the choices we don’t

Acts of omission
can either diminish
or uplift us

It’s no wonder

that with all these
and their consequences
we get paralyzed
with indecisiveness

Best to not over think

Trust first instinct

Make your play
as best you can


don’t beat yourself up

over flawed decisions


True Believers

If you came
face to face
with the truth

Would you recognize it?

and if you did

what would you do
with that
precious commodity?

Can we even believe
the perceptions
and all the biased slants
we perceive?

These self made
that cloud our reality

Questioning what we see

Doubt creeps in

Is truth a possibility?

We know it has to be

out there somewhere


Soul Collector

Angel of Death

Always lurking
on the periphery
of tragedy

Ready to load up
harvested souls
for his long time boss

Cares not if you protest
or cry about your fate

You can’t negotiate
your way
out of eternity

Nothing personal

Just mortality


When Men Were Women


Give it a try

You will find



your reputation


You know what guys?

is NOT a sign
of weakness

It’s how we play

the modern

androgynous way

Touchy touchy

Feely feel

Hop in the blender

Close your teary eyes

and get your ass

gender homogenized

half man half woman

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