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Death Saver

Tossing and turning

I struggle
to unwind
as the storm rages outside

Door swings open

Cold breeze blows in

Shadowy figure
clad in black lace
crawls into my bed

Sultry mistress
consumes my body

Devours my soul

I relish those lips
that have tasted
many a man
over the centuries

Sweet succulent
angel of death
takes me
to heaven and back

If this be the after life

sign me up!!!

black nighty

Insomnia Poetry

Stray thoughts

ricocheting around
my weary brain

Runaway ruminations

Holding sleep hostage

Replaying the day

All the witty things
I should have said

Solo role playing
future scenarios
on the stage
inside my head

Staring into darkness

My mind now racing
out of control

as dawn approaches

alarm clock imminent

Too late to sleep

Too late to solve life tonight


Accept Yourself

has become
my favorite word
cause it now
is the blueprint of my life
and allows me
to finally embrace
my unbreakable

flows like a river
into the sea of tranquility
as all the frustrations
of shattered expectations
silently ebb away

provides the gift of tolerance
with the patience
and forbearance
to forgive the short comings
of others as we strive
to forgive ourselves

is the straight road
to happiness
and the contentment
to be shared
if we can
just accept the concept



Heartfelt Doubts

The road to love
is paved
with good intentions

So many have
crashed and burned
along the way

As I late night ride
on this quicksand highway

Blinded by traffic fleeing
my current destination

Doubt creeps in

Second guessing
my commitment

Engagement ring
now weighs heavy
in my pocket

Should I do this?

Does forever
ever after love
even make sense?

Then I looked
into my heart

and thought about
how empty
life would be
without her

So I held my breath
and signed up
for the fairy tale

where my dreams
did come true


Poem Escargot

The angry snail

Such a bitter mollusk is he

Hates his pace
and his
drag of a life

Never gets anyplace
fast enough
to satisfy
his impatient mood

Always running late
for snail appointments

Dreams of strong legs
that create great speed

back on planet Earth

Tis never wise to despise
the gift nature made

cause in the end

we all gotta
play the hand
we are dealt


Retreating Bigotry

As the walls
of traditional hate
continue to crumble

It’s hard to believe
the startling speed
that homophobia
is finally on the run

but let’s face it

In the end

throughout history

all bigotry
eventually falls

As the so called
“greatest generation”
(if you were a white male)
and their direct offspring
continue their slow fade out

they take to the grave
their varied prejudices
which were once
the law of our great land

tech advances blaze by
in the blink of an eye

but social progress
painfully slow

so we still

have a long way to go


In Store Experience

After my number
was proclaimed

I went to the counter
to claim my prize

The clerk with laser eyes
took me in the back
to have my unregistered ass
time stamped

While waiting to be processed

two burly zombie employees
rudely threw me
on a conveyor belt

At the end of my trip

a disinterested
former prom queen
slapped a sticky barcode
on my forehead
and product placed me
eye level high
on a freshly wiped shelf

Dazed and confused

I complained
to the leprechaun manager
who was not amused
that a valued customer
was so thoroughly abused

He dropped me in a cart
and rolled me over
to customer relations
where a gum smacking teen
gave me a keychain
and a coupon
I was told not to lose

As I wandered
the dimly lit
parking field
looking for my car

I had the chance
to reflect
on the sins
of the dying
brick and mortar
retail establishment
and wonder
if I should shop
online next time


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