Poem Escargot

The angry snail

Such a bitter mollusk is he

Hates his pace
and his
drag of a life

Never gets anyplace
fast enough
to satisfy
his impatient mood

Always running late
for snail appointments

Dreams of strong legs
that create great speed

back on planet Earth

Tis never wise to despise
the gift nature made

cause in the end

we all gotta
play the hand
we are dealt



About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

3 responses to “Poem Escargot”

  1. Talon says :

    So very true. What choice do we have? I’ve seen people wear themselves out pretending to be something other than what they truly are.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @stgreenie says :

    Thanks AB 😉


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