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Self Absolution

All those
murky monsters

that lurk
in the dark recesses
of past sins

Those shadow dwelling
bill collectors
waiting to be paid

will all be slayed

if we can muster
the courage
to look in the mirror

and forgive ourselves



Angel Snakes

Those who speak
with forked tongue
will find the truth
they shave
will cut them like
a double edged sword
when their lies get exposed

Throw them a towel
to soak up
those messy alibis
surely to flow
to justify their deceits

Be sure to check in
with the stable of enablers
who will creatively
blame society
for fostering
the poor liar victim

Where there are no consequences

Where there is no shame

Immorality reigns


Card Tricks

Our love

A high stakes
poker game

Cards held
close to the vest

Feelings concealed
behind faces blank


Counter bluff

Chips pushed all in

Tension mounts

Hushed tones

Eyes spill secrets

As we reach decision time

Climax of fortune

Mystery cards flipped over

Nobody wins

When we all hold nothing

but empty revelations


broken promises

Game is over

poker men-vs-women

Head Over Heels

You and I
got this
ying yang thing

Up and down
on the perspective
see saw

My Hell

is your paradise

All these demons
I so despise

you invite over
for cookies and tea

Guess I’ll have to adapt

like I always seem to do

Cause my perceived Hell
would be

a terribly lonely place

without you

heaven hell

Souls Out

Piercing the darkness on a gloomy night
Weary pilgrims are drawn to the light

All ye faithful flock to beacon bright
To worship at the alter of this sacred site

Baby Santa lies away in a manger
Swaddled in consumer currency

Surrounded by merry elves and reindeer
All doing their part for our economy

The doors swing open at midnight
The assembled masses storm in

Seeking the salvation this sale brings
Prices so low they seem like a sin

The Fallen Angel proclaims to all,
“Welcome to my Bargain Nativity!”

Christmas may be the domain of God,
But Black Friday belongs to me!”

black friday

The Self Containers

A house
without a foundation
will surely fall

A heart
without returned affections
will surely break

So hard to live
with all these
strings attached conditions

but in the end

we learn to exist

within the boundaries
of acceptable restrictions


A Faded Shade of Jade

Standing alone
in the rain

the bag again

Which breaks
of course

Cause it’s been
that kind of day

Feeling betrayed
by fake friends
I relied on

My faith in humanity
takes yet another hit
with each
passing disappointment

The cumulative effect
of continuous

We eventually grow
numb to it all
as expectations fall
and we encase ourselves
in cynical walls

Solitary prisoners
of jaded isolation


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