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Frozen Wheel

Sunrise on the tundra

Stray solar rays
struggle to penetrate
our frozen existence

In spite of our desire

just not happening today

There’s seems no way

Winter’s loosens it’s grip
any time soon

but we do
know from history

Spring lies dormant
beneath the ice

waiting patiently
for it’s liberation

The cycle wheel
turns for us all



Poke Him Poker Her

In the game
of you and me

I call your sincerity
and raise with intensity

Read my eyes if you can
try to figure out
my romance plan

but beware of misdirection

crafty bluffs
spun to perfection

Trust your gut

When you feel it

Push your chips all in

Just don’t fall into the trap
of playing your cards
too close to the vest

If you want win
the game
of passion poker

You gotta take a chance

poker men-vs-women

Long Term Parking

Our love
is NOT
written in the stars
that paint the sky
a million light years away

Our love
is lived out
here on Earth every day
in those daily interactions
we often take for granted

These small gestures
of affection
and kind considerations
may not blaze
super nova charged


the slow

non glam burn

is the eternal one


Tough Love

Just because
I point out
when you go astray
does not mean
I love you any less

butt kissing
blind affection
is disrespectful

Perhaps I hold you
to an unfair ideal

but I don’t
want you to feel
I am taking cheap shots
like those trolls
who revel
in stomping you
when you’re down

We need you to succeed

We need you on the job

Fix what is broken

and continue
to make us proud

garner choke

Cradle To Grave

I sprung from
the comfortable oblivion
of my mother’s womb

Tumbled out into
the mysterious bright light

My arrival created
quite the commotion

The first of many
on this arduous trip
I don’t recall
ever signing up for

So weary
of the endless bleakness

When I die

I shall escape
my dark existence
and return
to the bright light
from whence I commenced

and have
my round trip
ticket punched

white lite

Never Ever After Blues

I came here to love you
and invite you inside
my fantasy castle

Sweep you off your feet
Sir Gallahad style

Whisk us hand in hand
into a fairy tale
romantic scenario
for the rest of our
happily ever after lives

we always
crash back
to accursed reality

I leave here in tears

My heart is ripped

cause it seems
you are reading
from a different script

sad prince

False Prophets

To those

who insist

on bringing Jesus

into politics

to theologically

bolster their

self righteous

morally sanctimonious


they have to concede

the J man

was a bleeding heart

anti capitalist



of the first degree

who would be

crucified politically

all the live long day

by those

very same

modern day Pharisees

who hide behind

the God they’ve kidnapped

to lob

indignant thunderbolts

at those who dare

to redistribute wealth

through the eye of a needle

to the blessed poor in need

bleeding hearts like Christ

are so into giving handouts to


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