Paradise Reboot

On the 50th anniversary
of the post apple apocalypse

Senior citizens
Adam and Eve
took the bus
cross town
and returned to Eden
to see the tree
that was
the root cause
of their
cast out
of paradise demise

the hot dog wrappers
and discarded site maps
that littered the trail
to this popular
tourist trap
they paid
the snake in the grass
(I think it was an asp)
tour guide
the admission fee
to see what was once
a very pious tree

After reciting
chapter and verse
from the book of Genesis
the sly reptile hissed
that the curse
could be lifted
if the original sinners
chopped down
the damn source
of their banishment

Adam picked up the chain saw
that the snake just so happened
to have in his Gucci satchel
and proceeded to rapidly
take down and make firewood
as best he could
while Eve busily
gathered up rolling apples
to bake one
of her heavenly pies

The moment that tree
hit the ground with a thud
the snake instigator
slithered away
laughing hysterically
about the gullibility
of man

The sky opened up
as the Lord peered down
and screamed
“DAMN ME !!!
What the Hell
have you fools done now?”

Security angels
were quickly dispatched
to roughly escort
the disoriented pair
out of paradise again

The now down tree
could not be repaired

God was so disgusted
he stormed away
to devote his attention
to other
more cooperative
parts of the galaxy

Left the site
formerly known as Paradise
to a local tribe
who bulldozed
the whole God forsaken show
and turned it into a casino

Adam and Eve
take the bus there
once a month
with the other
gambler pilgrims
to worship
a different God



About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

One response to “Paradise Reboot”

  1. marcus says :

    Outstanding (((Awhoooo)))


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