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Baggage Handlers

Onward we march

Struggling to push
this boulder
up this mountain steep

Weighed down are we
by repressed desires
we keep chained
and locked away

along with all
these suppressed urges
we know we can’t act on

Buried unevenly
beneath layers
of denial restraints

Our unfiltered
we release occasionally
under the guise
of imbibing chemically
because we need
an acceptable alibi
when we decide
to let the beast
of it’s chain



Null and Void

Here we go

Round 43

Static flows
on our tension wire
high above
surface serenity

Out in the world

nobody knows
the depth
of our misery

The whole fairy tale
bill of sale we were sold

Now way past due

Time to close
the horror show

So don’t second guess
and bitch fest
about me missing
a spot or two

since your
black hole heart
forced me to paint
our broken scenario
in the dark



When emotions run high
during these
tumultuous times

and the truth blows tenuous
in all directions

Beware the slick demagogue
spinning sinuous truth text bites

His message conveyed
with cunning visual persuasions

This master new wave
media manipulator

Feeding the masses
the sugary coated poison
that alters the course of history

Trending revolutionary

Hash tag #anarchy

The power of words
has never been
more prevalent

mass texting

Graph Hoppers

After years
of swinging
from decorative trees
I have evolved
into something
quite different
from my original
point of origin

More like

Mutated gradually
into all
the conventional things
that I never dreamed
I would be

Is this my
prescribed fate
or simply
my current monotony
messing with me?

Is our course
or are we
locked in
to our
slotted destiny?

Living predictably

Such respectable
monkeys are we


The Chemical Solution

The pain
inherent in this life
we seek to side step
and avoid every day

burrows it’s way
deep into
the core of our souls

the shell
of distractions
we throw
at our hurt
does nothing
but divert
our attentions
away from ugly truth

Tis the rocket fuel
of prescribed chemical lies

Under the counter medications
disbursed across the nation

The collective blood
now flows happy

Pharmacy zombies
tethered together

The conquest is complete

Defeating the grim realities

of life in the 21st Century

happy pills

A Day In The Half Life

We all die a little
every time
we enter sleep

Then come morn
we awaken
and are reborn

Rise we must

to walk the Earth
and interact
with our fellow zombies

Being the best mutants
we can possibly be

Til we lay back down

and die again


Pondering Succesion

When humanity ends
the charred remains
of history
will be buried deep
beneath the
rubble mountain
of our insanity

First dinosaurs crashed

Then man

Who moves up next?

What species temporarily
inherits this mess?

Natural domination
is anybody’s guess

Here’s hoping
they don’t repeat
our mistakes

This planet
deserves better


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