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Net Loss

Trapeze guy

Totally overwhelmed
by the whole process
of constantly living

his slick tricks
without a net

to a dwindling crowd
who have seen
this act before

The crush of
playing the
starring role
in an obsolete
circus show

The reality
of gravity
brings our
tragic hero down

As the wayward clowns
can no longer be found
they are out
in the parking lot
sucking down



Captain Submerged

The Captain has been apprised

by the experts that be
his ship is about to sink

Of course

he will be required
to go down with it

Rules of the sea

dictate top of the line

The Captain closes
his teary eyes
and grasps the wheel
one last time
as the churning ocean
swallows him whole


it really sucks
being the casualty
in charge

titanic captain

Noise Void

Silence is

the sharpest knife of all

Cutting deeper
than a diamond spear

If we cry
between the lines

does anybody hear
our desperate situation?

the work around

Minus the audio

we gotta rely

on the visual

for all the cues

to conduct our way through

this silent symphony


Motion Sickness


doing absolutely nothing
is the best option

Even though the pressure

to do something

to do anything

is immense

but very often

the do something plan

for sake of doing activity

is a flawed program

with bad consequences

Fallout from the residue

of human nature history

where our best intentions

makes things worse
than they were before


Dream Pushers

The talented child
so saturated in high potential

In the beginning
obliviously carries
the label of prodigy
onto the field of play

Where it’s still fun and games

but push becomes a shove

and the games become a chore

to the talented puppet
now relegated to the role
of living out the dreams
for the prisoners of mediocrity
now yanking his frayed strings


Rockem Sockem Us

We bludgeon each other
in a variety of clever ways

Damage compounds daily

Our daily bloodletting
will eventually drain
the core reservoir
we once believed to be
the depth of all eternity

Dust will be our destiny
as our mutually
inflicted wounds
bleed our love dry

We could stop
the carnage anytime

Stem the tide of inevitability

Compromise could be tried

if we could only
temper our pride
and sheath these
rapier tongues


Blast the Past

Locked insecurely away
in the bowels
of yesterday
resides the beast
of regrets
we need release
before we can proceed
to the next memory

will be
our weapon
of mass destruction

The coping device
to blast away the past
into the scraps of dreams
that we will not recall
when we awaken

atomic blast

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