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Freedom Trail

I wanna exist in a world
where anything goes

An open zone

where we are
free to say
whatever we please

Totally free

from the tyranny
of moral hypocrisy


from the shackles
of consequence

A non judgemental
mutually respectful
unimpeded society

Imagine the open
communications exchange
if we did not take
every perceived slight
so personally?

If complete
and unrestrained honesty
was the rule
rather than exception?

These pliable rules
of social anarchy
we need only embrace

then we could all





Knock Knock

When the call goes forth
to crack some skulls
in that ancient guise
of national security

be damn well sure
you see through
their propaganda lies

cause history
over and over again
has shown
this much to be true

today when you look away
and deny
what your eyes have seen
in the hope
the storm will blow by

but come tomorrow

deep down you know

your door will be
blown down
by the big bad wolf
and his homeland security crew

who eventually

will come

knock knock
for you

political prisoners

Swiss Appease

Mr Neutrality

forever a fence straddling

force of median conciliation

always strives
to stay above the fray

til war breaks out
and the crossfire
coming from all sides

drives him to his
cozy waffle underground

where he will reside

until the day
it’s safe to arise
and hop
back on the fence again

sitting on fence

More Divorce

I sit paralyzed
on the edge of the bed
while she slowly packs away
a lifetime of memories
blankly staring
with tearful eyes
at our dissolution

This is
our forever goodbye

The final chapter
of this surreal tragedy
our love could not forestall

after opportunity lost
at the bridge
I could not cross

My damn pride
sabotaged it all

Past the point of no return

As I peer out the window

She closes the trunk

then backs out of the driveway

glancing up

one last time

Our eyes meet

as I whisper

a final

“I’m sorry”


Truth or Ignorance

Too many glitches
when strung
will be
carefully analyzed
and only then
be classified
as a breakdown trend
on the defect grid
that only ends
when we choose
to either fix the issue core
or learn to ignore
and work around
the nebulous truth
that was always
a mystery anyway

magnify glass cracked

Restrained Bedfellows

Of course you realize

this alliance of convenience

we share against
our common enemy
becomes null and void
once they are destroyed

Then we can commence

to stop this pretend friendship

and start hating each other again

war cause

Chain Soup

Minimalist man

doing the best he can

considering he is so in demand

though only a few know

he wants out of the freak show

so he can cut back

and downsize his life

but for now

he feels compelled to comply

and maintain

all the required lies

star performers

must shine by


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