The thundering herd
rolling hard
down the ancient boulevard
much to the dismay
of the law and order crowd
who grumble continually
about the decline of decency
in the 21st century

What they fail to see
through their rigidity
is that the lines
they venerate
have gone blurred
by the wear and tear
of time

Now the hard core dinosaurs
are in an uproar
over the anarchy party
now roaming free and unfettered
trampling the stately gardens
and private property
they’ve always despised

A committee of the concerned is formed
to reverse the decline
of this previously tidy civilization

They hand the keys of their society
over to a no nonsense hard core man
who immediately declares martial law
as all those deemed undesirable
are rounded up and made to disappear

Those who got what they wished for
all cheer the new get tough regime

Life again is simple and serene
so long as you don’t stray
outside the barbed wire lines
and dare question the machine


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

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