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Fall Into the Class Gap

When a group feels
they are
a special breed apart

Preferred residents
in a state of grace
above all the rest
of the commonplace
and misguided populace

Prejudice is inevitable
against those deemed below
the self proclaimed
guardians of exceptionalism

and then

resentment builds over time

in the hearts of those
stuck in the pressure cooker
of poverty

toward the elite citizens
of snobbery

who can never understand

the turmoil they scornfully see

on their 84 inch screens

when the depressed class

they ignore

finally explodes

baltimore fire


Fixer Upper

In this broken globe
that spins through space
seriously off kilter

take an imperfection

the first one you find

cause we got plenty

and upgrade that sucker
to a better version
than it was before

Find a shattered soul

we got lot’s of those too

take their pain
and make it your own

Sign up for reclamation

one chipped brick at a time

If enough of us join up

to effect repairs

there’d be no denying

the power

of uplifting returns

building house

Check Your Sole At The Door

Down through history

all the way back to antiquity

in the course of human events

shit happens

and when

the inevitable

fecal reaction happens

there’s not much we can do
to prevent the crap expulsion

other than try
to sidestep the mess
with footwork deft

or wipe the stink of life
clean off our shoes

when we can’t
the stench residue
fate leaves behind

poop on shoe

Conspiracy Industry

My conspiracy

that I’ve polished and perfected
to the point
where it could conceivably
be true

could be your conspiracy too

if we can find a way
to get our paranoia straight

and coordinate our distrust
of the official story

We could start a blog
to spread some viral suspicions

Fan the flames of public doubt

Become an expert TV authority

Ride the media wave we created

Maybe merchandise our hysteria

Sell an overpriced t shirt or two

By the time the fact checkers

ruin our tale with inconvenient truth

Profits will be neatly tucked away

to reinvest in our next treachery fantasy

elvis alive

Seeking Sense

All the answers you seek
to riddles that confound
are contained somewhere
in the loose solution fragments
rattling around
and bouncing off the walls
of your muddled brain

You have all the pieces
to the puzzle in your possession

Find your guide
through the power
of positive visualization

Take the time
to sort
and collate
the jumble cells
in an orderly progression

Connect the dots
of elusive truth

until you finally
get the picture
that was staring you
in the face
all along

light bulb puzzle

Tech Wreck

How could we have known
the awesome power
of these hand held devices
that lived in our pockets
would one day
fry our neighboring reproductive organs
and leave
the whole wired world sterile?

Such delicious irony
that today the only people left
who can advance our species
are the citizens
of so called under developed countries

and to think that the extinction
of our tech worshiping society
so addicted to technology
could have been prevented
if we kept these machines we loved
at arms length

sterile sperm

Wind Blown Us

At the official dissolution of us

she inquired (as they often do)

where we went wrong

and what did become

of our great relationship

As the song proclaims

The answer my friend

is blowing in the wind

Untied things

of insecure means

that lack substance

tend to blow away

when the weather goes stormy

couple in the wind

Go Dog Go Café

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Heartstring Eulogies

Conjured by Sarah Doughty

Siren Whispers

Siren Song


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