Fixer Upper

In this broken globe
that spins through space
seriously off kilter

take an imperfection

the first one you find

cause we got plenty

and upgrade that sucker
to a better version
than it was before

Find a shattered soul

we got lot’s of those too

take their pain
and make it your own

Sign up for reclamation

one chipped brick at a time

If enough of us join up

to effect repairs

there’d be no denying

the power

of uplifting returns

building house


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

2 responses to “Fixer Upper”

  1. Michelle Sherlock says :

    I love the photo on this – where is it from?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @stgreenie says :

    Thanks.. I just Googled an Amish house razing and found this pic


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