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2015 Space Odd We

Here in the fourth dimension
of galactic existence

we be parallel Universe tripping

Atomic overlay

Antimatter souffle

Reverse Earth
in the invisible
continuum mirror

The trip ends

as they always seem to do

and now we find ourselves

lost in far out nowhere

outer space


Sound Proof

In the void of space
the silence is pure

A black hole of sound

Nothing around

to pollute the peace
we never seem to find
here on Earth


Volcanic Ashley

You wear your frustrations

so much better than I

Though I do try
to play the cool guy

but my cutting jibes
always expose my edgy side

Your simmering anger
you mask
with a sweet smile

Who would ever surmise
the delicious evil
that resides inside
your raging head?

Angelic assassin
with volcanic passion

concealing lurking potential
to blow
at any time

Such the dangerous obsession

are you


Riding the Time Line

From it’s perch high
on the edge of eternity

Time watches over
Circus Humanity

as the Calendar of Forever
regulates the great clock in the sky

tracking the morsels of minutes
that Time allocates
to all Earthly inhabitants

who exist obliviously

beneath the umbrella
of a force
they can not directly see

but the remnants

always resonate

the ultimate reality

clock earth

Confessions of a Cynic

These lofty ideals
I use to carry
in my attitude
now lie in the ruins
of this gray crime scene

Crumbled dreams

chipped away

by decades
of steady disappointments

by the sharp jagged bricks
of bitter indifference

Now I’m just another
cynical commentator
blasting a society
that failed me

though in reality

beneath my hard facade

I know full well

I failed myself

castle ruins

Freedom Dreamer

So here we are

deep into this
commitment abyss

Every moment

a tug of war
for control

as you tie me up
with all your
constricting restrictions

so today you may have
the upper hand


someday I will escape
the maze of destruction
you have constructed

Find my way
over the wall

and never look back

wall climb

Under the Influence

Don’t waste your indignation
on heartless cretins
who are beyond
any hope of redemption

Save your rage
for those who teeter
good and evil

Maybe they can be saved

from a life depraved

if you use
your powers of persuasion

to properly shame them straight


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