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Eternal Odds

While it’s an absolute truth
that all dogs go to heaven

Tis also not a guess

that all cats go too

While we sin based humans

are 50/50

at best



Charge of the Right Brigade

They ride
like a thundering cavalry
being expelled
from the depths of Hell

Flying out the the mist
of mythical history
the Lost Knights of yesterday
charge into the fray
for one last fight
in a desperate quest
to make things right

All the forces of Can’t

have assembled en masse

to push back the very existence
of such antiquated traditions
these courageous ghosts represent

Unrelenting winds erect a wall of resistance

on the proud banners from battles past

but the knights armed with only their convictions

repel the legions of entrenched negativity

and drive them into the sea

as trumpets sound the clarion call

for all those who were repressed previously

to enter the glorious realm of possibilities

knights charging into battle

Night Moves

On a canvas of twilight

the moon and stars dance

waltzing across the horizon

oblivious to the world below

Their eternal romance

glorifies the night

with sparkle dust

Can we do the same

and illuminate the darkness

with our own celestial glow?

An image of a beautiful full moon background

An image of a beautiful full moon background

Natural Selection

The chances

of you and I
getting out
of this party
with our virtue still alive
is virtually an impossibility

The fragility
of the Sunday school morality
drilled into our fair heads
before we were ever acquainted
with physical temptation

As the years accumulate

and the implanted guilt dissipates

we realize finally

the futility

of constantly restraining

our natural urges


Earth Bound

Hard working earthworm

forever planted

on parched terra firma

The endless drought

having turned

invertebrate universe to dust

Gazes toward the sky

at the hanging gardens

packed with fertile soil

way beyond his reach

and sighs

Another taunting temptation

spreading mass frustration

for the citizens of worm nation

hanging garden

Spectrum Support

Everybody has faith

in something

Be it






Whatever you need

There is no

absolutely perfect belief

They all have flaws

replete with maddening inconsistencies

Just like humanity

Just like us

So show a little respect

Try a little tolerance

for all us pilgrims

in search of truth


The Good Patient

The patient man

I wanna be some day

grinds away daily

against the winds of adversity

with an inner resolve

fueled by self confidence

and belief in tomorrow

Knows in his heart
that sooner or later
the wheel will turn his way

Hold on and survive
until the rainbow arrives

This is the waiting game

we all need to play


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