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Tough Loving

Enough lame lamentations

about your incessant
boo hoo situations

Thicken your skin

Take ownership

Lose that self pity rap

and get your sorry ass

back in the game

tough love


The Cloud Minders

I do so envy
your cloud dwelling existence

Embracing all that loose
leisure time
the cerebral life affords

Soaking up the fine arts

Contemplating philosophy

Sipping your lattes
at the Ethereal Cafe

Tis no wonder

you float above
us mud dwelling types
who are forever destined to be
in the desperate reality
your society ignores

Looking down

with the puffy bewilderment
only the out of touch share

So how’s the weather up there?

cloud city

Travel Guide

Damn! This hill before us is steep!
Will we ever make it to the top?

Geez! This rain seems perpetual!
Is it ever going to stop?

Why is life such a struggle?
Even simple tasks a chore

Things we once took for granted
Don’t seem to work anymore

Perhaps we need to fix ourselves
And put our expectations aside

Seems we are no longer driving this bus
We’re just passengers along for the ride

steep hill

Pop Goes The Junkie

Room is spinning

Perform self diagnosis

Seems I ingested too much
forbidden fruit

Vision blurred

Body chemically compromised

Brain synapses fried

Hallucinations strobe flashing

Walls bleeding

Pulse rate exceeding
safety regulations

Finger down throat

Expel the poison

Stabilize the situation

Hang on til morning

Vow to never again
ride the dragon

bad trip

The Forsaken One

Deep within this blaring intersection
hangs a man from a blood drenched cross

Looking down on the pilgrims below
as they scurry madly to and fro

What was once
a tourist curiosity show

Now a trivia question nobody knows

Part of the 24/7 scenery unseen

Melded into the mosaic of a society lost

Just another annoying city obstacle
we step over and around

As we mutter about urban clutter

Nobody bothers to take the time
to see humanity’s greatest crime

Not one soul will be found
to help this wounded soul down

A slice of 21st Century selfishness

The new original sin

cross at intersection

Mortal Confession

I am going to die

You are too

Nothing new

but forever true

So why do we deny

impending mortality?

We better make haste

and not waste

this gift

before it


cemetary backhoe

Internal Problem

We complicate matters
when we should be simplifying
to achieve the necessary understanding
required for good solutions

We hesitate and procrastinate
when we need be finalizing
to achieve the crystal clarity
required for decisive actions

Seems obvious to me

that we seem to be

our own worst enemy

analysis paralysis

Go Dog Go Café

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Heartstring Eulogies

Conjured by Sarah Doughty

Siren Whispers

Siren Song


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