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Moral Upgrading

Most saints
were sinners once

Just like us

Tap dancing
up and down
on the spectrum
of morality

Flawed creatures
splattered with a variety
of wrong way violations

Yet they found the resolve

to overcome their core imperfections

and get their shit together
prior to their moral disintegration

to become the moral icons
and shiny medallions
celebrated today

So why the Hell can’t we
cast off our layers of sin
and find redemption
like those marble saints of yore?

saint statues



Chipped Glass

Before I became
the shadow I am today

I use to care deeply

Filled with empowerment

Believed that I mattered

People cared what I had to say

but the world

had it’s own agenda

Made me feel irrelevant

Now I chirp irreverent

A bitter mockingbird

hopping around

with clipped wings


Sacred Predators

My God is better
than your God

My prayers
the only channel
that is received

My ancient book
is ABSOLUTE truth

Your cult is subversive
with words that pervert
and offend the one true Lord
who rides with me

So convert or get purged

You dangerous heathens
with your sour fake theology
and sacrilegious ways

must be destroyed

My God told me so

and as everyone knows

My God is way better

than your God

war religion


Knowing Thy Audience

Starving writer

Desperate for inspiration

Fishing for relevance
in a sea of apathy

The passion is still there
his positive poetry
is woefully nowhere

Totally out of fashion

for this cynical world

Eventually tomorrow

he’ll tap into his pain

and unleash the blues

Word torrents of sorrow

his somber audience can relate to

writer quill pen

Odd Bawling

I’ve always struggled
with the concept of appropriate

Forever straining the fabric
of social conventions

I am harmless though

but I realize

my flights from propriety
make friends and family cringe

Like a maladjusted puzzle piece
forever battling to fit in
to somehow pass for normal

People call me a character

as they snicker and chatter

about my latest indiscretion

I smile like fools do

but it bothers me

more than they know

Why do I always

have to be






No Room At the Inn

screams the sign
on the big ugly wall
we built
to restrain
the displaced unfortunates
who desire to breathe
freedoms air
that we no longer care
to share

Those desperate refugees
knocking at our door
seeking asylum
from horrific war
yearning to be free
in the land of liberty
like our forefathers before
when they fled poverty
and oppression

If they came today
they would be turned away
as scary aliens
looking to crash
the locked down USA


Pay Back Reflex

You hit us

We hit back

Round and round

Punch and counter punch

Hatred is trending

Now we commence
once again
the bloody dance

to avenge Paris

and get our revenge

as humanity descends


into the abyss

of recycled violence


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