Round Tripping

Late night
under the neon stars
at the Bar Bizarre

my mistress unfiltered
poured me a shot
of something off kilter

I must confess I was concerned
about the mini chemical cloud
hovering over the strange brew

though who was I to question
at this point of the evening
contents and their effects unforeseen?

So I took that leap of faith
we all occasionally take
and opened wide
to let the bubbling beverage slide
down my exposed insides

It burned so good
readily consumed
silky smooth libation

as I lit like a Christmas tree
and for a fleeting moment
found myself clear and free
of the chronic depression
I went there to suppress

Morning after
I now respect
the sickening side effects
this mystery concoction did bring

but I have no regrets
about being happy artificially

even if just temporarily

smoky brew


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

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