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Cover Story

They say

the truth will set you free

but beware

the torrential consequences

sure to rain down

from the outraged powers that be

screaming ancient profanities

wrapped in institutional hypocrisies

as they desperately seek to cover

their naked arrogance

emperor wears no clothes


Tale of Two Calendars

We slaves to tech
always check
the pixel stream
of our omnipresent flat screen
to verify the time

Every day
wears a number
assigned by Providence
way before
the advent of the machine

Do you recall
when days use to hang
quite primitively
from kitchen walls?

Each flat date
neatly squared
so you could notate
future events

Life seemed
to move much slower then

Yesterday being so
technically inefficient

in a bucolic

Norman Rockwell sense


Mr Blip

How do you do

My name is irrelevant

I’m just passing through
this point in memory
where our paths crossed

If you blinked
you probably missed me

or you may have simply

forgotten who I was

before I became

the warm breeze caressing your face

who misses you badly

girl with breeze in hair


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