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Foolish Domain

The fool that is me

Sprinkles seeds in concrete
Waters them with poetry
Waiting on harvest dreams

The fool that is me

Writes verse by moonlight
Crafting rainbows at night
That nobody sees

The fool that is me

Choking on anonymity
while railing at the absurdity
of his foolish existence



Friendly Reciprocations

Every time I fell

you picked me up
with a well placed
smile or two

and when internal doubt
paralyzed my soul

you boosted my self esteem
as only you can do

Now you are one
who is down and out

Tough times abound
inside your cyclone

So take my hand

and let me lead you out

on the reclamation path

you paved for me


Stalking Mythology

Through the dark forest
of enchantment history

The hunter of mythology
stalks his prey
with empirical precision

Target in sight

Piercing red laser beam

Rifle blast shatters serene

Unicorn drops

It’s quivering carcass
covered in rainbow blood

Dragons weep
over their slain friend

vowing revenge
on all those
murderous cynics
who seek to snuff out
their very existence

unicorn dead


Open Minded Kindness

Once you shed

all past pretense

and cast off wanton judgments

you will surely find

that the quality

of your human interactions

improves immeasurably

if you do allow

your core humility

a chance to shine

open minded

Cloud Burst

Every moment
of every day
from every corner
of humanity
millions of clicks
transmit pics
to the great cyber cloud
in the sky

So many

random memories
and vanity selfies
communal storage
to be retrieved
if our hand held brains
should ever fail

I pray someday
the trash bin Gods
mass delete them all

and we once again
have to rely solely

on human recollection

cloud explode

Deadly Methodology

Well dressed carnivores
running around
pining for boots on the ground
war again

Pushing well worn fear buttons
to activate the hate machine

Demonize faceless enemies

Falsify their ideology

Unleash high tech weaponry

dispensing hate
with laser like efficiency

but no matter the deadly device

the blood remains as red as it ever was

when we killed with arrows and spears

Though carnage was certainly

more hands on personal then

laser rifle

Night Fall

Late night soft shoe
doing my best Fred Astaire

Using the stars to navigate
the eternal nocturnal stage

Just when I finally find
the elusive celestial groove

I trip over that moonbeam again
all the while pretending
my stumble was part of the act

Fortunately for me
this was a scene
played out
in the middle of nowhere

So only the darkness bore witness

to yet another embarrassment

in my life

of perpetual awkwardness

moon skelton

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