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Mirror Prayer

the stain glass canopy

the holy types say
in their pious
sanctimonious way
that Jesus died
for our sins

Twas a real bloody show

He then rose from the dead

It was in all the papers

but seriously

Who asked him
to take
the rise and fall
for Daddy’s
flawed creation?

It wasn’t us for sure

and the prophets say
in their ominous way
the sequel

when he returns
at the precipice
of the Apocalypse
to save the day

will be even more
spectacular than
the first act

What the Hell?

We flawed beings

historically a constantly
disappointing species

need to take ownership
of our transgressions

Deal with the consequences

Do not depend on a bail out
of divine intervention

Stand on our own two feet

and not be so reliant

on a power out there

that for all we know

may no longer care

cross carrier


Beast TV

on my TV nightly

Man killing man
in a bloody
drip by drip
species demolition spree

Pundits pundicate
and speculate
their pet theories
about plausible
cause and effect

While distraught moralists

slip into

their fashionable outraged masks

Of course none of us
jungle inhabitants
waste any brain energy
on the daily carnage

Cause we know

the curse of this species

is that in our savage hearts

we are all scared beasties


Lifetime Underachievement Award

Used to believe I might be
somebody of note someday

A dream I shared

along with the rest
of anonymous humanity

Of course
life did not work out that way

as I plunged
into the crowded pit
of maddening mediocrity

Cause the achievement light
rarely shines
on those like me
who traverse
the safe and easy path
of the chronically lazy

as we collectively sit
on our spectator asses
and gaze up longingly
at the stars blazing bright
that could have been us


Shield Shadow

My once fragile heart

Broken down
and restored repeatedly
over time

My refurbished heart

Now as stone

A wall of indifference
where nothing penetrates
my callous perimeter

Can’t be hurt
by misplaced love anymore

I’ve learned
from all
the crash and burns
that came before

Love is great
for flowery
romantic poetry


the majesty

of the long term chemistry

never seems

to work for me

heart of stone

Nuclear Clubbing

Back in the 40’s
while the world
was busy bleeding

Science stealthy got together
and managed
to split the atom

Mega power mushroom clouds
onto the unsuspecting global stage

The dawn of the nuclear age
exploded over
desert test sites

Climaxing on that fateful day
over Hiroshima
when the beast was released
with blazing ferocity

At that moment of history
we became an endangered species

When the nuclear clock began
creeping toward apocalypse

Tick Tock …..

doomsday clock

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