Lose Lose Scenario

In this cynical
political environment
the numb electorate
no longer gives a flying fuck
about candidate morality

Ethics and politics
when the two are mixed
beget the ultimate oxymoron

Crooked is an accepted prerequisite

Embedded lies infect broken promises

The only ideology
is whatever brings victory
with pre packaged homilies
designed to herd lazy ass consumers
to look up from their hand held devices
and march to the voting booth

Long ago focus group wizards decreed
fear is the optimum way to succeed

When your product is not moving
demonize the other guy

The more grandiose the lie
the best chance to grab
the market’s fleeting attention

Media outlets you can buy
to do your bidding
with costly
but efficient negative ads

So as we begin
the serious phase
of the political cycle

Prepare for the shit to fly
like a monsoon from the sky

In this corner
the demagogue incompetent
dispensing fear and hate
from his crass reality show plate

Up against
the bought and paid for
ultimate insider

Her lips chapped
from excessive suckling
at the currency teat
of special interests

At the end of this crooked road
those still with the stomach to vote
will have a poisonous choice to make

The viper or the snake

and then take a long shower afterward
to wash away the shame

trump clinton lesser of two evils


About @stgreenie

I am my own best friend because I do so enjoy my company

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