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Do Nothing Know It All

I never use to care
about the production
of disjointed thought
that flowed so easily
from my previously
clogged brain pores

The unsuspecting page
was simply there
to be filled
at this author’s discretion
with zero regard
for form or substance

Though secretly envious was I
of talented writers displayed
on social media walls
who crafted language
with such soaring grace

Eventually I clumsily
stumbled in and found my place
like a cave man amongst
cloud dwelling artists

Using blunt force technique
I found my voice
in a format formally
foreign to me

Picking it up as I went

Perhaps I learned too well

Cause today I suffer
from the dreaded
analysis paralysis

Parsing words
in a sticky web
of literary self critical

Unable to finish lines

Incomplete thoughts
litter my keyboard

The creative flow now dammed
by boulders of process
and these damn standards
I formerly never had


Peter Pan MIA

Far removed
from the playground anarchy
I walk by every day
on the way
to Big Boy Land

I seek a boost of energy
from the turmoil I envy
of kids running and jumping
every which way

Feelings of melancholy
descend upon me
as the shrieks of joy
fade in the distance


Once so full
and unabashedly free

Dries up precariously
once we leave
childhood games behind
to wear these chains
of adult responsibilities


So What Do You Think?

There use to be a time
when I was of a mind
to cast my influence
into the raging river
of public opinion

Such was my hubris
in powers of persuasion
with logical arguments
as the primary weapon
in my word arsenal

It did not take long
to realize this core premise
was flawed

Penetrating locked in minds
requires more than a quick wit
or clever repartee

People don’t wanna budge
out of their comfortable
entrenched positions

So after many years
of banging my hard head
against inflexible walls
I finally saw the fallacy
of pointless debates

Now I let friends and foes alike
rant their pet philosophies unopposed

Biting my heavily scarred tongue
for the sake of keeping the peace


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