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The Write Stuffing

I was there that fateful day
when Jesus rode in
on a gorgeous horse
and cast Satan away

OK maybe twas a close approximation
of a semi apocalyptic situation

I’m allowed my binges of exaggeration

It says so right here on my poetic license
I bought online for 99 cents
though it may be approaching literary expiration

poetic license


The War Show

Dust off the off the old generals
Prop them up in front of the map
of our latest war event

We’ll get back to porn stars
and pee tapes next week
but now we gotta hear experts speak
about our cool tech weaponry
and how we gotta make..(fill in the blank)
safe for democracy

dr stranglove buck turgeson

Blessed Be Woman

That shiny cross
is a beacon to the lost

Dangling proudly erect
above your ample chest

Guiding wandering eyes
to the plunging neckline
and the canyon exposed
in a grand confluence monument
to the spiritual and animal
needs of man

cross over cleavage

Tis A Troubled Puzzlement

Too many loose pieces
clutter up the puzzle

Our former point of reference
now nothing but a faded picture

Masters of the Universe
have gone missing

Reliable sources insist
they never really existed

Which means there is no salvation

We are on our own for answers

(sweeps puzzle off table)

(assumes fetal position)

puzzle without picture

Guns and Sympathy

Let us bow our heads

over the mangled corpses

of the latest nightmare

Victims of our sins

who would not have died

if only we had done our duty

to protect humanity

instead of taking the blood money

which paid for today’s

prayer of hypocrisy

florida prays for victims

Circle Jerk

The old man we use to torment
keeps dying in my memories

We pack of snotty brats
probably hastened his demise
with our relentless attacks

How I wish I could go back
to offer my apologies
for every single cruelty

Now I am that old man

Victimized by time
and howling young hyenas
bludgeoning me with karma

wild dogs

Formula Worship

Here at the Church of Pragmatism
our functionalist congregation
prays to the Gods of Logic
and orderly sterility

Stored in a warehouse cathedral
of black and white theology
the pilgrims are stacked and categorized
as all personal relations
are compartmentalized
to a spreadsheet equation
that attempts to summarize
the complexities of this
illogical human existence


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