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Exit Carnage

Don’t wanna fight anymore
in the political maelstrom
not dissipating any time soon

My views on the controversies of the day
simply don’t matter anyway
and the crushing redundancies
of these circular arguments
is really wearing on me

So whether you wanna #MAGA
or ride the #Resistance
please proceed without me

I’ll take my seat in the peanut gallery
and hang there until a return of civility

I am out


Pretty Chicky In A Cage

She desired to be
more than your eye candy

Weary of being a lust magnet

All she wanted was respect

The crime of our cosmetic society

So obsessed with surface beauty
we never allowed ourselves to see
the light trapped within the pretty shell
that eventually became her living Hell

Long after the sultry corpse icon
became the stuff of cultural legend
her well chronicled tale of tragedy
is still buried beneath the glossy pics
celebrating an innocent sexuality
that was as fake as her naughty smile

marilyn monroe

Fire Sale

We set a vagrant on fire last night

He did not seem to mind

It being a chilled evening after all

Admittedly twas an impulsive thing to do
with consequence we should have foreseen
but nobody thinks ahead these days
where instant gratification is the rage
as we swept away his charred remains

Now our sins are all over the Evening News

Transgressions gone viral on YouTube
cause everyone with a phone
is a documentary director

Social commentators now torch our asses
with their self righteous views
about the decline of Western civilization

Political pundits of course chime in
citing our deplorable actions
as proof positive
that our blatant insensitivity
is a metaphor that represents
the current administration

After this high rated media investigation
the cops felt compelled to lock us perps away

We did not mind all the notoriety
as we were now trending celebrities

Loss of freedom a fair price to pay
since we were not into liberty anyway


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