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Tinsel and Flash

When the No Nothings met
in the Great Hall of Ignorance
they were all quite impressed
by their spectacle of shiny excess

A love fest of flash over substance

Potential encased in sparkle dreams

The grand master mounted the stage

Proclaiming the start of a new age
where camp is the new elegance
and irony reigns supreme



Text Based Confessional

I seem to have misplaced
the precious commodity
you trusted me to hold

This cherished stealth truth
formerly in my care
slipped through my fingers
and flew off into cyberspace

I rode that cryptic message
you posted late last night
in a desperate cry
to be read between the lines

I am your conscience

Now gone viral
cause deep down
you wanted to be self exposed
for the fake saint you are

priest in confessional

Inside Job

Vomited all over a blank page

Took this instant finished product and called it art

For the work represents the inner me
unshackled by the chains of civility
with all those archaic rules
of proper literary etiquette

Like all clever inventions
it defies the standard intentions
to achieve respectable artistic conventions

As with all forms of communications
the subject matter at hand
is prisoner to personal interpretations

So now I drop this wretched creation
on the doorstep of the public domain

Submitted for your approval…

Or not

Either way

I hope it at least speaks to you

vomit art

Dumbing Down

Once the shell of civility was shattered
by stealth forces embedded in our history
events began to spin out of control rapidly
as we were now descending without brakes

Panicked prisoners were we
Victims to the accelerations of gravity

The architects vainly tried to deflect fault
of this tragedy they were now powerless to halt
but their creative rationalizations fell flat
in the raucous court of public disinformation

For fear was now the new currency
and the bill was coming due soon

From the depths of this dark anarchy
arose a demagogue with quick solutions

Hoisted high by the desperate mob
their newly anointed mad man
proceeded to systematically
dismantle the institutions
ignorantly blamed for our fall

Students of history
who warned this would not end well
were rounded up and labeled
enemies of the people

The war on rationality
would inflict numerous casualties
and in the end this mass stupidity
would bury our ignorant asses

trump supporters

Unchained Calamity

It only hurts when I sleep
when the safeguards
I constructed so meticulously
are lowered involuntarily
and the suppressed me
becomes liberated temporarily

These are only nightmares technically
but what makes it all so frightening
is the disturbing fear

What if the safeguards someday
fail to reactivate when I awaken?

vampire rising

Terms Of Surrender

When I began to skim through
the tragedies of the day
over my morning coffee
and high fiber corn flakes

When I conveniently commenced
to compartmentalize and relegate
the daily fire storms of humanity
to the spam folder of my soul

When I found myself fleeing
directly to the sports section
for all the scores
of meaningless competitions
performed by sweaty
millionaire gladiators
in tax payer funded stadiums

It was then

my heart ceased to beat

and capitulation

to the cynical apocalypse

was complete

dead bodies

Mass Cleansings

Your thought process
was obviously compromised
by the steady stream of lies
that you were subjected to
when you were impressionable

Now commences the process
of scrubbing away these propaganda stains

Your thinking must be trained
to associate bodily pain
when radical ideologies
attempt to penetrate your brain

We will get your head right
even if it means loss of core values
infected by this insidious freedom virus
that has seduced many fallen patriots

mind control

Go Dog Go Café

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Heartstring Eulogies

Conjured by Sarah Doughty

Siren Whispers

Siren Song


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