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Beasts In The Mirror

Right off the assembly line
we were all products of our times

Unfortunately our model has now been discredited
by flaws today condemned as defective

Maybe what we are can never be totally fixed
and perhaps we are lacking in modern efficiencies

No point trying to defend what use to be

It only comes off as lame rationalizations
but if you do choose to study history
in the rigid box of modern sensibilities
you’ll never grasp the third dimension to these events
if you don’t take the time to apply proper past context

assembly line model t


Of Morons and Men

Back in the day
as we dinosaurs like to say

Men were men
women knew their place
and gays were still in the closet

Twas a macho
testosterone driven utopia
of stoic heroes
who viewed emotions as weakness
(Unless of course it was a fist planted in the kisser)

Looking back through the prism
of objective historical analysis
we really gotta admit
these repressed assholes were full of shit

john wayne spanking

Social Tremors

Cannibal crawl tonight
on the crumbling boulevard

Legions of street creatures
suckling like neon parasites
on a carnivore binge

Shadowy residents
of soul less asphalt canyons
never exposed to sunlight

These vampires of city nights
viciously prey on each other
while suburban squires
spectate this nightly feeding frenzy
on their 60 inch flat screens
as they reinforce
their security moats
and pray the underworld
stays beneath their feet

Maybe someday
those with nothing
but shared desperation
will organize
and channel
their frustrations
into a break out force
demanding economic parity

A movement to forever slash
the divide and suppress
the social control net
that has kept the undesirables typecast
as victim fodder for the evening news


Club Humanity

Let us concede
that hatred had a really big year

Riding a seemingly endless
winning streak
fueled by mutual fear
and a sense of dread
that by next news cycle
any one of us could end up dead

Constant retaliations
leave us seeking isolation
behind walls of false insulation

Treating the symptoms
without curing the disease
simply delays
the body’s demise

If we are to survive
we gotta realize
we are one species

one humanity
sharing the same planet
for a limited time

No one country

No one ideology

No one theology

No one person

is better than the next

Peace will only come
to this troubled blue speck
when mutual respect
and global equality
begin trending


Night Terrors

Too restless to sleep

Too desperate to succumb

The banging bass drums
pounding exclamation points
deep into my consciousness

Swirling scenarios collide

All lead to the same inevitability

Past, present, and future
shacked up in the fog of obscurity

Just another late night obscenity

Sweat stains paint the bed sheets

A masterpiece of empty dreams

man can't sleep

Fixation Anxiety


Convention demands this be


but I’ve become so accustomed
to this soothing defect
the consequence of silence
from such a simple repair
would lead to nostalgic despair
as I glumly reminiscence
about lost reassurance
from the melodic


The liquid symphony

I would sorely



Dented Religion

Cue gratuitous sex scene
to boost the relationship
with the proper physical friction
to validate this couple
in a very natural way

Moralists do say
loose fornication
outside of procreation
is a carnal sin
An indecent abomination
their version of God frowns upon

I say

with the greatest
of pious sincerity


and the hypocritical high horse
they rode in on

fire and brimstone

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