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Funeral Party

we put on our
best somber threads
and lay to rest
another player dead
from team humanity

The Pious Man of God
the closing show
even though
he did not know
our stiff friend
who had not set
foot in a church
since his wedding day

We snicker at the irony

His grieving widow
dressed in death black
leads the boo hoo brigade
showing affections
she displayed rarely
for hubby in life

We snicker at the irony

The middle aged kids
who hadn’t
spoken to
dearly departed Dad
in years
struggle to spout
proper funeral cliches
in all the morbid
chit chat

“At least he’s at peace now”

We snicker at the irony

The farewell caravan
runs red lights
all the way to the cemetery

The death mob gathers round
the perfectly shaped
final resting place hole

One last chance
for the women to sob
and the men to pretend
they have their tear ducts under control

We the assembled know
the terrifying
threatening truth
staring back
from the coffin
is a reminder
one day
the hole
and the
preceding hypocrisies
will be for us

Think I’ll get
my sorry carcass cremated
and my ashes scattered
all over my grieving asshole enemies
so they can collectively choke on their hypocrisy

sesame street funeral


The Tops Shelfers

Apostles of greed
always take more than they need

Consuming without apology
with all the arrogance
of modern day royalty

Praying at the alter of Darwin
with smug superiority
and pompous feelings
of entitlement

Power inherited down
through the gilded generations

Smugly they assume
the top of the pyramid
is where they are destined to stay

Cause at the end of the day
they own the game


War Crime$

Throughout our bloody history
soldiers have died
in many uniforms
and guises

Not for a flag
or any particular
political ideology

They did not perish
for you or me
their countries
or even their families

They gave their lives
cause they were
ordered to do so
under penalty
of treason

by old men of means
who pulled all the strings
from corporate castles
well behind the lines

Spoon fed
all the clever slogans

Selling fear
and patriotic zeal

and demonize the enemy

Who in turn does the same
to herd up all the sheep
for battle conflict slaughter

Bloody fodder for the history books

Battle lines bolster the bottom lines

Wars end with grand parades

Speeches made to honor the dead
as the back room boys count their profits
and plot to invest
in the next needless war



No It All Creatures

See the smug face
of arrogant man

Your current dominant species
prancing about the planet
with his shiny tech toys

We think we have it all figured out
with our science
and best selling philosophies

When in reality
the sum accumulation
of knowledge
lodged in our little brains
is just a speck
of microchip dust
on the universal data base

Our crew

is nothing more

than chattering monkeys

jumping up and down with glee

when our shit

we throw at the wall

actually sticks


Bouquet of Inconsistencies

The high court of public opinion
finds me publicly charged
with the crime of indecent hypocrisy

I offer up the defense
that we all have moments
when our reactive actions
run contrary to previous pious proclamations

That person we imagine we are
gets jarred, then blurred
beyond human recognition
by the realities of harsh circumstance

Leaving us guilty hypocrites
with egg on our faces
as we are led away in handcuffs
for a long stint in repercussion prison


Vulture Club

I ask myself occasionally
as I babble on internally
like an introspective psycho
why humor has become
such a difficult concept to grasp
in this easily outraged society
where so many get offended
by people they don’t even know

Perhaps their righteous indignation
is but a lame deflection show
to mask their own insecurities?

A desperate plea for attention
and communal moral validation
from other lonely distressed souls
trapped in similar situations?

Or maybe they are just repressed
hopelessly jaded uptight asses?

I don’t know
but these “gotcha” vultures
really offend me









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