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Knight Fall

In the news today…

The Noble Knight of Dudley
who gained fame
during the Middle Ages
taming dragons
was arrested early this morn
in Ye Olde Skid Row
for wench solicitation
and possession
of illegal potions

The disheveled
former front man
of the long defunct Chivalry Gang
now reeks of grog
and unrequited regrets

A modern day victim
of mythological obsolescence



Suppressed Evidence

Well dressed
well connected peacocks
strut over and around

the tattered retread people
who fight to survive
on the crumbs that fall
between the cracks
of our cold city

Those with means
look down
on those tattered ghosts
with a disgusting touch
of condescending smugness

Never wanting to see
the empty faces of poverty

The cops are called
to sweep the riff raff out
under the guise of public safety
lest the tourists stay away

but in reality

they come to bury
our safety net hypocrisy
and hide society’s shame

homeless-cop-sweep (1)

One Trick Me

I am different

Always have been

Even as a child
I only ate the bread crust

Had no desire
to be part of the herd

Popular fads of the day
held zero sway

Grew into a man
and still lived
off to the side

Guess I’ve never possessed
the fit in gene
required of a well adjusted
social being

So I am committed
(some would say condemned)
to walk the path
of a loner’s life

My solo destiny
here in solitary
to always be
outside the mainstream

As the world goes on without me


Fizzle Out

When she kissed her prince
there was zero electricity

No hormonal chemistry
that fairy tales demand

So she let him go

Even though
she loved him so

The perfect man
to be happily ever after with

Cast out for lack of passion
even though history knows
this heat can never be sustained anyway

Done in by finicky biology

All that remains
is her everlasting regret
for releasing
the happiness
that fell into her lap


Forsaken Curiosity

Deep within this blaring intersection
hangs a man from a blood drenched cross

Looking forlornly down
on the pilgrims below
as they scurry madly to and fro

What was once
a tourist curiosity show
now a trivia question nobody knows

Part of the 24/7 scenery unseen

Melded into the mosaic of a society lost

Just another annoying city obstacle
we step over and around

As we mutter about urban clutter

The high cost of this existence
and all the attached consequence

So nobody bothers to take the time
to see humanity’s greatest crime

Not one soul will be found
to help this wounded soul down

A slice of 21st Century selfishness

The new original sin

cross at intersection


Man Made Ghosts

Use to walk on water
when I was an enlightened
bona fide miracle man

Then science advised me
my very existence
was a quantified impossibility

So I plunged
into the abyss
of negative reality

Just another victim
of assigned limitations

but no matter
how the skeptics
choose to dismiss me

I know what I use to be
and those who dare remember
know my improbable truth
before I was consigned
to the status of foolish myth


The Cloud Minders

I do so envy
your cloud dwelling existence

Embracing all that loose
leisure time
the cerebral life affords

Soaking up the fine arts

Contemplating philosophy

Sipping your lattes
at the Ethereal Cafe

Tis no wonder

you float above
us mud dwelling types
who are forever destined to be
in the desperate reality
your society ignores

Looking down

with the puffy bewilderment
only the out of touch share

So how’s the fucking weather up there?


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