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Pry Net

When we built the machine
out of rubber bands
and impractical dreams

so pleased were we 

with our implausible creation
we donated it
to the central government

Who of course
insisted we be paid
a nominal fee
for advancing the cause
of modern humanity

At the great unveiling ceremony
the Minister of Conformity
gave a stirring invocation

A new age
of peace was declared

The public would benefit
from cyber security derived

Courtesy of
the cloud extracting device

Your life information
personal and formerly private
would now be shared
with the Ministry
of Homeland Homogeneity

Little did we realize at the time
amidst the patriotic pageantry
that the seeds of our nightmare
planted in this swamp of panic
would forever
change the landscape

Today the light of freedom
we long took for granted
grows dimmer by the day
and the shadows will not abate
til we take back
our individual identities
and finally summon
the courage to unplug the machine
we naively created

spy cloud


Yesterday Man

I am

A latent sentimentalist

A closet traditionalist

My once rapier
cutting edge
has been dulled
by time

Tis the natural
erosion of age
as I tumble into
the tranquil pool
of reflection
over all things nostalgic

To dwell in the past
instead of residing
in these sad
middle age daze
where dreams
get buried
by the crushing weight
of adult reality

So here I am

Awash in memories
thumbing through
a dusty scrapbook

Reminiscing late at night
with my relentless enemy
who stares me down impassively
with timely efficiency


Power Waltz

Follow the line  ________________________

Follow the line  ________________________

Blind obedience
is all a state of mind

To play or not to play
by the asinine rules
written by demented fools?

How long
can one bite their tongue
and endure
the slings and arrows
of outrageous egos?

Sometimes you gotta break
from the twisted conga line

Jump the barbwire fence
spiked with mindless ignorance

Dance with consequence

Give truth a spin
around the dance floor
and maybe
empowered wallflowers
will join in


Conceptual Living

The blender
of a few well placed
electrical discharges
in our underutilized brains
is where inspiration
dances unrestrained

Creations of virgin purity
immaculately unstained
by doubt bombs
of internal and external scrutiny

The blueprint always
displays perfection

If only we could live
in this secure womb
of abstract excellence

Instead we gotta endure
these broken implementations
that perpetually leave us wanting

Forever seeking
the next future
unfulfilled inspiration


Tech Wreck

How could we have known
the awesome power
of these hand held devices
that lived in our pockets
would one day
fry our neighboring reproductive organs
and leave
the whole wired world sterile?

Such delicious irony
that today the only people left
who can advance our species
are the citizens
of so called under developed countries

and to think that the extinction
of our tech worshiping society
so addicted to technology
could have been prevented
if we kept these machines we loved
at arms length


Conspiracy Industry

My conspiracy
that I’ve polished and perfected
to the point
where it could conceivably
be true
could be your conspiracy too
if we can find a way
to get our paranoia straight
and coordinate our distrust
of the official story

We could start a blog
to spread some viral suspicions

Fan the flames of public doubt

Become an expert TV authority

Ride the media wave we created

Maybe merchandise our hysteria

Sell an overpriced t shirt or two

By the time the fact checkers
ruin our tale with inconvenient truth

Profits will be neatly tucked away
to reinvest in our next treachery fantasy


Jesus The Sequel

What if…

one day
in the history of your life
the skies parted
and the Lord poked
his omnipresent head through
the clouds and proclaimed
for all the scared sheep to know
that YOU were the Chosen One Part II

What would you do?

How to handle this upgrade?

I’m not sure
of the exact job description
but MESSIAH as a title
surely has a lot of perks

Comps wherever you go

Preferred parking
for your white limo

I wonder if celibacy
is still a required necessity
like it was
with the first edition dude
who got nailed to a cross centuries ago?

One would think this time around
such hardship restrictions would be lifted
given the all the modern day temptations

Verification of your true divinity
would be no problem in our tech age
given all us pilgrims have cameras
to post messiah miracles daily

Social media would explode

You’d surely be trending perpetually

All the gossip rags
would be working round the clock
dredging up all your buried skeletons
that occurred before your heavenly promotion

Doubters would be forever
looking for he hidden wires
determined to prove you a fraud and liar

Not to mention
incurring the skeptical wrath
of conspiracy theorists
who are eternally belief challenged

So would you accept
this complicated savior position
or stay the course
on your current civilian path
and leave the saving of souls
to the professionals ?


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