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Soul Support

Went to the redemption center
to drop off my pile of regrets

The long haired hippie behind the counter
asked me if needed a little help

I insisted I could handle the load myself
being the proudly independent type

He seemed a tad put off by my refusal
with a look of profound disappointment

So he gently asked me again if I needed him

“Jesus Christ!” I said, “Please leave me be!”

With that he bowed his head and proclaimed

“Thou knowth who I be and yet ye reject me?”

Then he faded transparent and vanished
and my dark soul filled with white light

The redemption center is now my cathedral
where I gladly seek the support I once spurned

In our lonely little world of isolation

We need all the crutches we can find



Mirror Prayer

the stain glass canopy
the holy types do say
in their pious
sanctimonious way
that Jesus died
for our sins

Twas a real bloody show

He then rose from the dead miraculously

It was in all the papers

but seriously …

Who asked him
to take
the rise and fall
for Daddy’s
flawed creation?

It wasn’t us for sure

and to complicate matters
the prophets constantly say
in their ominous dire way
the sequel
when he returns
at the precipice
of the Apocalypse
to save the day
will be even more
spectacular than
the first act

What the Hell?

We flawed beings
(historically a constantly
disappointing species)
need to take ownership
of our self generated transgressions

Deal with the consequences

We gotta carry that damn cross
our various sins crafted

Do not depend on a bail out
of divine intervention

Stand on our own two feet
and not be so reliant
on a power out there
that for all we know
may no longer care


Crossed Up

From out of the wasteland
the straggly stranger wandered in

Dressed like a homeless person,
he had quite an entourage with him

Preached about spiritual salvation,

Spoke of a kingdom we could not see

At first he seemed quite harmless
til his words threatened our authority

So we did what we always do with rebels
had him arrested and inflicted with much pain

When we demanded he recant his treason
he very calmly refused to play our power game

Leaving us no choice but the death penalty
that scary deterrent thing we do so well

Thank God that whole mess has been laid to rest

Just another little cult threat we had to dispel

Soon to be forgotten by the desperate rabble
forever chasing flavor of the month messiahs

pontius pilate

The Age of Click

Pounding the keys again


Letting life’s frustrations
fly off my fingertips
onto the serene screen

Tonight my thoughts
exceed the speed
of my compromised connection

The horror of being frozen out

Locked up by heartless tech

Words now bottle necking
inside my clogged hour glass

Oh to have a paper and pen!

but stolen office supplies
long ago
were all utilized
and never replenished

No need for such relics

Or so I thought
when I purchased
this pricey device

I violently shake rattle and roll
my accursed hardware

Bad idea

Skull and crossbones appear
on my solid blue screen

Fatal error

This is the final

The red power eye
grows dim

Signaling the end
of our relationship

All my brain wave residue
I had deposited
on a chip
the size of a gnat
now terminally dead

Gone to that place
in the clouds
where data angels reside

Time to start over again

as I scour my existence
for parchment and quill pen

bluescreen (1)

Redemption Sale

After my inevitable fall

On impact
I was broken
and splattered by it all

A shattered shell
of former glory

My charred ass
now scattered
across mass media

Search parties were dispatched
earning time and a half
scoured my impact crater
for answers to questions
no one was asking

Experts on me
who I had never met previously
proclaimed definitively
what a hot steamy mess was I

Theologians clad in somber black
decried my complete lack of morality

My story saturated
and dominated
two and a half
news cycles
til a former child star
crashed her sports car
while giving a hand job
to a respected Senator
old enough to be her father

This fresh cultural diversion
effectively turned off
my freak show spot light

Happily back
in anonymity
I picked up as
many pieces of me
as I could find

Did my best reassembly
purely from memory

After a week in rehab
(with that former child star

I am now reborn

Totally semi rehabilitated

Wrote a best selling book eventually

Now I’m doing a tell all
gut spilling tour
as I rake in the bucks
sharing my sordid past flaws
with my downtrodden fans
who now view me
as some sort of warped role model
and all the while I wonder
while regaling the paying customers
why I did not
think of this redemption act before?

jimmy swaggert

Tragic Magic

Down we tumbled

through the
false bottom
trap door
we forgot
was there

Thought we were
part of a magic show
til we realized
that these illusions
we relied on
were easily exposed
to those
paying attention

Our hidden wires
we believed to be concealed
were readily revealed
for all to see

Boos rained down derisively

Skeptics from the Peanut Gallery
screamed rude obscenities

Then the mirror shattered
and while we were
picking up the pieces
of our wrecked performance
that damn rabbit ran off
with our hat!!


Dealing From The Bottom

I met the anti Christ
in a dream state
or maybe
twas just a premonition

So hard to tell these days


the devil in my head
inquired if I wanted
to play for his team
since I have quite
the impressive sin resume

(his words, not mine)

I take no pride in my debauchery
but I won’t run from it either


Terms of the infernal contract
were laid out on a cluttered table

My eternal soul
for a case of beer

Back and forth we negotiate
(since that’s what con men do)

I propose a bag of corn chips
as a throw in addition
(cause they go so heavenly with brew)

Louie reminds me of my
low salt diet restrictions
and counters with
a personalized brass mug

You see…

I’ve always struggled
with loose temptation
(being the undisputed master
of absolution rationalization)
but this time my conscience declines
the deal of a lifetime

Going to hold out
for the angels
of my better nature
to make me
a counter offer
and bargain hard for my salvation


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