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Pass It On


I just heard
a rumor…

A scrap of
cyber information
based on reliable speculation
from a faceless somebody
who knows someone
with a passing relationship
to an inner circle person
who just leaked out
that something shocking
is going to happen
someday soon
much to the surprise
of the ignorant masses


now you know
inside information
that only a precious few
are privy to


Keep this
on the down low

Don’t tell anyone !!

Unless they promise
to keep it a secret
like I did …

whisper in ear


Chain Gang

Step inside
our human contradiction

Wrap your arms around
the paradox of us all

A core inconsistency
of this flawed humanity

Deep down
we yearn to be free

Showcase our individuality
on the grand stage
and yet
we’re born to conform

First we get assigned to a family
through no choice of our own

Wrapped inside a community
where we invariably get pigeon holed

Play dates
Class mates

Social commitments
Chained to a tribe
Slipped into our slots
Gender role insertion

Economic vice applied

Work… family… friends

Learn to juggle those many roles
til all the parts we play blur

Somewhere along the way
our true identity gets suppressed

The years compress
Memories stored and disposed

The circle contracts
Life slows to a crawl
Time extracts it’s price

We look back
and realize too late
we have been played

The paradox becomes clear
as the last act draws near

Only in death
do we finally achieve
the freedom denied by life

dispersion effect of asian man with leather cloth body shattering

Mr Anonymous

One by one
the bridges have been blown
til only one rickety structure remains
connecting the remnants of me
to this ambivalent humanity

We all share a mutual disinterest
with my island existence

Once the disconnect is complete
I’ll be a blip of a memory
posing as an afterthought
in the unread footnotes of historybridge rickety

All Of The Above

I am a gray ghost of transparency
trapped in a black and white world

I summarily reject your absolutes

Piss on all rigid truths

Nuances I readily see
wrapped in soft subtleties

Let’s celebrate scrutiny

You can read between
the lines too

Open your blinds
and let the entire spectrum
of light shine through

See the varied layers

Count every complexity
and realize
that sometimes
there is more than
one right answer

all of the above

The Case For Fate

the currents of destiny
takes us to streams
we never imagined
we would ever be

we wash ashore
and are unsure
if we’ll ever get back

This is why
the best course
is to go with the flow

Cause at the end of the day
we’re all going to end up
in the same place anyway

river flows into sea

Gargling Anarchy

The free flowing dance
is trending experimental

Semi rhythmic

Fully barbaric

Don’t overthink it

Lose the judgmental

The structure is optional

Some would call this art
but that’s just a convenient
well intentioned definition
of the unruly chaos
swirling unrestrained
down the drain

water going down drain

Homeland Insecurity

Muffled screams
bounce off
dungeon walls

This be the chorus
of our designated enemies

Extracting facts
we need to know

creative justice

A tortured soul
nailed to the wall

Such the
bloody mess is he

Now part
of the bloody

Nobody sees

Nobody hears

If you were
to petition to improve
his condition
and treat our enemy
you will
replace him
on that wall

Take his pain
for your

So goes the law

No place for dissent
or antiquated arguments
about human rights
in the current
lock down environment

Might makes right
here in the ever expanding
confines of Guantanamo 2020


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