Guns and Sympathy

Let us bow our heads

over the mangled corpses

of the latest nightmare

Victims of our sins

who would not have died

if only we had done our duty

to protect humanity

instead of taking the blood money

which paid for today’s

prayer of hypocrisy

florida prays for victims


Circle Jerk

The old man we use to torment
keeps dying in my memories

We pack of snotty brats
probably hastened his demise
with our relentless attacks

How I wish I could go back
to offer my apologies
for every single cruelty

Now I am that old man

Victimized by time
and howling young hyenas
bludgeoning me with karma

wild dogs

Formula Worship

Here at the Church of Pragmatism
our functionalist congregation
prays to the Gods of Logic
and orderly sterility

Stored in a warehouse cathedral
of black and white theology
the pilgrims are stacked and categorized
as all personal relations
are compartmentalized
to a spreadsheet equation
that attempts to summarize
the complexities of this
illogical human existence


Shoot The Town Cryer

Outraged commentary
about our failing humanity
streaming 24/7
on multiple media outlets

The posting of great revelations
of life’s inconsistencies
while tweaking hypocrisies
that serve to confirm the obvious
that life is inherently unfair


life is unfair

Reverse Predator

We feast on the bones
of the slaughtered beast
who made the fatal mistake
of launching an attack
and charging our pack
thinking it was hunting us
not knowing the firepower we carried
while violating the first rule of warfare:

Know thy enemy

prey attacking lion



Mirror Mirror Go Away

Don’t wanna be me

I never really did

but I’ve played along
as programed

Being a hollow man
for what seems an eternity

Don’t wanna be me

Wearing all these labels
Husband, father, friend,
Half ass professional
bean counting clown

Too many clever perceptions
weighing me down

Trudging in place
with all the other
sorry souls
hiding behind smiley
Facebook facades

All the fucking self pity poetry
from this “Count Your Blessings” guy
sure does reek of hypocrisy

Such is the price one pays
when their whole one act play
is based on a worn out cliche

Tis such a locked in existence
once the path of settlement is taken

This desperation too shall pass
as long as the medication lasts



Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos
owes his very existence
to constant friction

A child of turmoil is he

Can not exist in serenity

Peace is his kryptonite

So he pokes the hornet’s nest
whenever his powers wane
and ravenously feeds
off the negative energy
supplied by
his growing legions of enemies

A dangerous game he plays
inciting tension’s domain
but conflict is all he knows
and hatred his premium rocket fuel

Of course the poison spewed
will splatter him dormant eventually
as it has throughout history
on all rabid dog demagogues

This comforting assumption
is based on the calculation
our deranged captain
does not waste us first

monkey banging cymbal

Go Dog Go Café

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Heartstring Eulogies

Conjured by Sarah Doughty

Siren Whispers

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